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Casio CPS-700 Digital Piano


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The Casio CPS-700 piano is an excellent way to start learning to play the piano. Its in black with a stand and pedals and is in very good condition. It has piano tones of Piano, Harpsi-chord, Vibra-phone, Electric Piano and Pipe Organ and also has a music library of 45 instrumental bits of music. I bought this piano for my daughter when she was learning and she got up to grade 4 when she decided to get herself a proper upright piano. It comes in two boxes and has been put away safely for a while but when I got it out and plugged it in it was still as good as the day I bought it. I would love to keep it but have no room in our house now. I think its a bargain considering how much just a digital piano costs these days without a stand.

Condition: Excellent
Colour: Black
Name: Mrs Suzanne Calder
Location: Folkestone, Kent
Buyer Collects

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Posted 16/04/06

Price: £200

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