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Classenti UP-118 Upright Piano in Polished Mahogany
This piano has a 'Quiet Pedal', so you can play late at night without anybody hearing you.

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Colour: Polished Mahogany  |   Item Code: UP-118PM

15 year warranty on all parts and labour
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Price: £3,695 Delivery £65 anywhere in UK
(includes FREE 15 Year Home Warranty)

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Classenti UP-118 Polished White
Polished White




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Polished Mahogany


Classenti UP-118 Polished Ebony
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Availability: In Stock, FREE Delivery (2-5 days), You choose the day.

Graham Howard editor



"The Classenti UP-118 upright piano has a warm, European sound, and a responsive touch. There's nothing that performs better in its price bracket", Graham Howard – Piano Advisor.

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This piano is also available with a SILENT system: The silent system allows you to play with headphones, and select different sounds. Price for the UP-118 with silent system included  is £4,995. Read more

The Classenti UP-118 will take you up to grade 8 and beyond…


  • Colours: Polished Ebony, Polished White, Polished Mahogany
  • 15 Year Warranty, read more 
  • 88 keys 
  • 4 Wheels (Easy to move the piano around) 
  • 3 Pedals (Sustain, Soft, Practice) 
  • Extra long music rest 
  • Slow closing safety lid (prevents little fingers from getting caught) 
  • Lock and key (You can lock the lid down) 
  • Tuned, regulated and voiced before delivery 
  • Suitable to grade 8 standard and beyond
  • German Hammer Felt 
  • German strings
  • Imitation ivory key tops 
  • Sythnetic black key tops 

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Slow Closing Safety Lid
Slow Closing Safety Lid

This feature is much needed for parents with young children. Because the lid closes slowly on a hydraulic mechanism, there's no chance little fingers can get hurt.

Spruce Soundboard

Superior, ultra flexible spruce from the Tibet mountains.


German hammer heads.

Maple Wood Bridges

Bridges, which are glued to the soundboard, are under extreme downward pressure from the tension of the strings. The down pressure on the bridges can be as much as the weight of a double decker bus! This is why they have to be strong. Classenti use solid, high quality maple wood bridges from Europe. Nothing but the best!

Roslau Strings, made in Germany

German Roslau strings, made in Germany. German Roslau Strings have been made in Germany since 1882. They are recognised throughout the world to be the finest available. Roslau strings provide superior tuning stability and a clear, vibrant sound.


Classenti pianos are fitted with agraffes throughout. Agraffes help your piano stay in tune for longer. They also ensure the string stays in a straight line from tuning pin to bridge pin.

Pin Block

Laminated wood pin block. The pin block holds the tuning pins, and the tuning pins hold the tension of the strings. The pin block is crucial to keeping your piano in tune. By using several laminations (layers) of wood, the tuning pins can be gripped much tighter. The result is a piano that lasts for many years longer.


Renner are the world's leading manufacturer of piano actions (mechanisms). Classenti use Renner Technology from Germany in all their piano actions.


3 Pedals: Sustain (right pedal), Practice (middle), Soft (right)

Sustain pedal: This is the pedal on the right. It is sometimes referred to as a ‘damper pedal’. This pedal allows you to sustain (hold) any note, or notes, without having to hold the key down.

Practice pedal: This is the pedal in the middle. If you want to play late at night, or you simply don't want your neighbours to hear you, then the practice pedal will be really useful for you. This is how it works: when you press down the middle pedal, a strip of felt inside the piano raises up and sits in between the hammers and the strings. The hammers then hit the felt instead of the strings. This results in a quite, muffled sound.

Soft pedal: This is the pedal on the left. Pressing this down makes the sound a lot quieter. It’s very useful when you want to play something very delicate (pp or ppp in musical terms).


The Classenti UP-118 has four wheels, one in each corner. Wheels make it much easier to move your piano around. The Wheels on the Classenti UP-118 are strong, and very well made. You won't find it difficult moving a Classenti piano around – even on your own – due to its good quality, smooth running wheels.

Hinges, Screws, Lock Rail

Silver hardware throughout.


Height 118cm (46.5 inches)
Length 145cm (57 inches)
Depth 59.5cm (23.4 inches)

Weight: 230kg

This piano is also available with a SILENT system: The silent system allows you to play with headphones, and select different sounds. Price for the UP-118 with silent system included  is £4,995. Read more

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