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Digital Piano Equivalent Models

What is the equivalent model of the Yamaha CLP320 in the Roland range?

How about the Kawai, Casio or Classenti range?

What about other ‘not so popular makes’ such as Winchester, Korg, Gem, Thomann, Hemingway, Ketron etc?

After receiving an excellent question from Trina below, I decided to offer some information for anyone else in a similar situation.

“Hi Graham,

Your website is great – it has a ton of info on it!  Very helpful for those of us planning to purchase a piano.  However, I don’t see this question covered anywhere on your website.  I’m looking at purchasing either a Roland or Yamaha digital piano, but I really don’t know what models would be considered “equivalents.”  Basically, I’ve tried out both, and I like the sound of the Roland but the touch of the Yamaha. 

I spent enough time at the Yamaha dealer to know that I’m leaning towards the CLP 240, of their model line.  Now I want to take a look at an equivalent Roland for comparison.  Unfortunately, the sales people at the Roland store don’t know enough about Yamaha, to help with equivalents, and I can’t quite figure it out from playing.

Any info you can provide would be fantastic. Thanks!”

~ Trina










Here are the equivalents for the Roland and Yamaha models:

Roland RP101 equivalent to Yamaha CLP320

Roland HP201 equivalent to Yamaha CLP330

Roland HP203 equivalent to Yamaha CLP340

Roland HP204 equivalent to Yamaha CLP370

Roland HP207 equivalent to Yamaha CLP380

More info coming soon…