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"I'd certainly appreciate if you can teach me reading notes"


"Hello Graham,
How are you doing?
Your piano lessons were certainly helpful.
Though I've been playing Casio for long now you have shown me the correct way of practising it. Though I don't get much time to practise it I do put in my effort to keep in touch.
I'd certainly appreciate if you can teach me reading notes.
I would like you to know that I don't want to be a professional..I play this instrument as a hobby and so trying to enhance my skills.
Once again thank you for your lessons."
Regards, Shakti


















Thank you very much Graham, these introductory lessons are extremely useful, and bring to light many things that others neglect when teaching.










Dear Graham
thank you for free piano course which you offered.
i really enjoy it . it has been very valuable to me.
i have practiced it whenever i have time, actually almost
everyday. one thing i need your help. i tried to use metronome , but i still can not pick up or figure it out how could i follow up?
i am looking forward to hear from you. many thanks again
yours sincerely















Dear sir,
"Piano lesson from you was awesome.Good.It was my dream to play piano from very young.I went piano class when i was 10 but only for a year.Then i could not cope up with both studies and piano lesson therefore i stopped and now i want to learn by myself.Sir,each and every part of your lesson was understandable and is clear enough for anyone else to learn.

Since i don't have a piano at home,i don't practice everyday.In a week roughly twice i'll go to my neighbour's house and learn.
Last but not least i would like to thank sir for the free piano course.I've got a lot of input from it and would really love to learn more.Thanks a bunch sir."

yours sincerely, Nisha Nair















"at my age 76 I find the sight reading awkward"

Hi Graham

thank you for mails,  at my age 76 I find the sight reading awkward, having to read  both base and treble together and then getting your hands to respond together.
I only started last year,but am slowly  begining to get it.  Little bits of info and tips like from you helps a lot.

Many thanks
Alan cw













i am practising daily though, following kids books and the teach
yourself course, and absolutely loving it. i guess i need to focus on sight
reading most of all, i get timing ok, know my fingers fairly ok, but tend to
work out the music rather than read it afresh…… determined to get better though!

thanks, ali










Graham sir. sorry for giving late reply to u regarding ur superb course of piano. ur course are so easy and interesting. i started to learn keyboard by books knowledge only because i dont get time to attend classes before i contact to u. Ur notes are very helpful to me. I hope u will always help me to learn keyboard in future.












Many thanks for your prompt response and very interesting short course on the piano.
I haven't actually got a piano yet so the value of your course is somewhat limited for the present but I hope to have one soon.
kind regards











"Looking forward to hearing from you again"

hi Graham, thanks very much for your piano lessons and look forward to some more, they were very very helpfull.

I am practicing two hours or more every day. I live a couple of doors away from Audrey,s pianos in Highcliffe here, and is teaching me how to read music. I am also doing a course with Jermaine Griggs at Hear and play.

I bought my piano six weeks ago brand new from a company in preston, its a Casio Celviano Ap 80r digital. Ive never played before, but I shall give it my best shot. I can now play quite a few different songs. Looking forward to hearing from you again. 

kind  regards     Dave. dawson.















"I'm sure it will come with time and lots more practice"

"Hello Graham
I have found your courses extremely useful.  I am a complete beginner and have started off with your lessons and also a private tutor.  I am pleased with my progress so far and keen to learn more.
Area to be improved, recognising the notes on the page and equating that to the relevant finger – I'm sure it will come with time and lots more practice.
Would be interested in any further information."
Kind regards,














"I have enjoyed reading your lessons and going through them, it made me realise that I am not too old to learn"

Good afternoon Graham.

"Many thanks for the free courses, I do have some of the basics already as I have muddled my way through playing keyboard for a while, but felt now was the time to further challenge my left hand as previously I only played chords and let my super Tyros do the rest. I have now traded my Tyros in for a Yamaha CVP 309 which is a fantastic instrument as well as a very nice piece of furniture.

I did the same as you, I trawled through a long list of elearning courses and I have already signed up to
Rocket Piano.

I am currently working my way through the beginners book which I have to say is challenging as previously I did not read the bass line music and at the same time put the right fingers on the right keys, but I am sure I will get there eventually, unfortunately I do get a bit compulsive and it takes over everything else that I do, but I am enjoying it although I am not the most patient person.

I have enjoyed reading your lessons and going through them, it made me realise that I am not too old to learn, but do wish I had done it in my early years but it was not meant to be.

Anyway thanks for the info, I will let you know periodically how I am getting on……"

best regards






















"Thank you for giving me the push that I needed"

Dear Mr. Howard,

"In reply to your e-mail 12/4/08, I thought the on-line introduction to the piano was extremely helpful and has prompted me to book piano lessons with a private teacher. I have just completed my first lesson and the  music teacher was very impressed with my knowledge of the keyboard and sight-reading skills,seeing as I had presented myself as a novice. 
Thank you once again for giving me the push that I needed."
Sincerely, Ms. Catherine Quigley














"Thank you for the Free lessons.
I have collected them all together but will not actually start using them until the end of the month. I'll let you know how I get on."

Thank you again











Dear Graham

Thanks for your useful tips. I had piano lessons when I was young but the
music I was given wasn't inspiring and your advice about learning chords
and using these was very encouraging. I don't always get much time to
practise but I feel inspired to go back to the piano.

Thanks again

Karen Stromberg











"I enjoyed the course, thank you, got me started! "











Hi Graham.
Thanks for your emails.  At the moment I am only able to tinker around on a piano at work and am saving to buy a digital one for home use.  Your course has been clear and helpful on the basics.  I look forward to receiving the report as I hope to be able to afford my own piano in April.
Joanne Fox.












"So far, I have found your tips very useful and helpful"

Dear Graham,
Sorry for my delay in replying your message.  I must confess I am so impressed about your interest in my knowing how to play the piano.  I have already started the earlier lessons, but I have not particularly had time to practice the last lesson.  My desire is to ultimately play like a real professional but like I told you, I have been involved in conducting as well as computation of exam results in my school of late.
I am certain I would be through this week and will definitely practice the last lesson.  I will sure let you know how I fared, my impressions, and what I would still like you to teach me by next week.  So far, I have found your tips very useful and helpful.
Once again, thank you very much and remain blessed.
Sincerely yours,

















"I am eager to go through every lesson just to be able to play the piano like a real professional"

Dear Howard,
Thank you very much for your piano lessons.
Unfortunately, I have been so busy in the school where I teach as we prepare for the first term exams before the christmas break.  However, I have been able to go through the first lesson today and I am happy to tell you that I have gained quite a lot as regards avoiding bad habits and knowning the right techniques.  I have also known the finger numbers.
I will be getting you informed as I make progress in the lessons.  I am eager to go through every lesson just to be able to play the piano like a real professional to the Glory of God in the church where I worship.
Once again, thank you and remain blessed.
Sincerely yours,



















 "Didn’t mean to sound as if i was knocking you"

"Thanks for your help. When i said your free lessons were a bit basic ,when i think about it if after two years music lessons and im still looking for piano courses then perhaps I do need to start at the basics. Didn’t mean to sound as if i was knocking you. It is a shame you dont do a course for purchasing yourself."












"Hi Graham,
Yes, My piano practicing has been progressing .
I found out very interesting, very easy and motivated."

Thank you.












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