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"I am a 70 year old pensioner just starting out. Your piano lesson "Does age matter when learning piano" certainly fits me a treat!"


"Hi Graham. Just to say thank you for the five part mini course which I have found most helpful.

I am a 70 year old pensioner just starting out with the piano for the very first time, so your earlier comment in part two "Does age matter when learning piano" certainly fits me a treat !!!

I have only just taken delivery of my Yamaha keyboard and once I have a chance to go thru some exercises etc. I should be in a better position to feel which ongoing course would suit me best. After all, now in retirement, I have plenty of time in which to fit my new project.

I have added your Rocket piano link to my favourites. Thank you again for your kind assistance."

Michael. J Norris. Leicester. UK















"Thank you for lots of information; I am finding it very helpful."









"Thank You Very Much For The Free Lessons"


"Hi Graham, Thank you very much for the free lessons, which I liked so much that I purchased your full course. I have also recommended you to friends. Once again thank you."









"Thank you so much Graham. I really appreciate your help."

Take care, David





"your piano lessons will help me to continue playing beautiful music"

Hi Graham.
because I am a self employed gardener I haven't had the time but, I have had a few piano lessons quite a few years ago so I do know the hand position and can read music a little.
I also have the Yamaha PSR350 keyboard which has the Yamaha education suit 2 on it which teaches a person had to play the correct notes on the keyboard and also I can accompany the backgorund orchestra two.  So I do play onmy keyboard sometimes.
I have always wanted to play beautifull classical music on either a keyboard so your piano lessons will help me to continue playing music like that.
Many thanks.
Yours truly.



















"Thanks for the emailed lessons they were a great help in my starting out"

Hello Graham

"I`m a "mature" student just starting out again after ** years since my last attempt at learning to play, I have in fact signed up for the Rocket Piano online course and am now looking for a local piano tutor to help with the basics of posture, hand position etc.

I`ll need all the help I can get!!

It helps to speak with other students to realise we all find it hard going and very frustrating at times and is a relief in a way to understand good musicians are rarely born, it really is practice, practice and then practice some more."

Thanks again


PS I have just become the proud owner of a fantastic
Clavinova so I had better learn this time around…

















Hi Graham

The piano course is brilliant, I don't have a chance to practise every day but hopefully this will be changed quite soon.

Many thanks, Bozena








Thanks for the free piano course, you have opened up a door, especially with your advice on pianos.


John Walker, UK







"I commend you on your generosity for sharing your talent with us"


Hi Mr Howard,
…slowly but surely! I have 2 jobs so it's sometimes difficult to find the time to practise, but the lessons & the approach are both fine; I already know the letters of the octave! I'm using a 5 octave Yamaha keyboard (really basic) but I think it's more than sufficient for me, however I would welcome any suggestions you may have. 


I know, in time I shall make greater progress by trying to incorporate them into my daily routine; it's just a case of better 'time-management' on my part! 🙁
Mr Howard, I appreciate this email & I commend you on your generosity for sharing your talent with us. So far, I have found the lessons to be 'user-friendly' & easy to follow & I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours 'begginingly'
Junior Williams

















"Due to your recommendations I purchased Ashley Southam's piano course"

Hi Graham

"Although I love listening to music I don't have any musical skills but really would like to learn to play, just for my own enjoyment, even though I'm an old codger. I found your free course whetted my appetite – so much so, that I went out and purchased Ashley Southam's piano course.

Hopefully I will be able to devote enough time to it. Nearly
all of my skills have been self taught so I'm sure with your free course and
Ashley Southam's course I might hopefully achieve a smattering in this field."

Many thanks
















"I appreciate that you are doing this for free"

Dear Graham,

Thanks a lot for the first lesson. Even though I played piano for 3 years, I am very rusty and would like to revise the basics, that's why I am doing your course. I appreciate that you are doing this for free, and hope you won't mind me asking you some questions along the line. I am eagerly waiting for the second lesson.










Dear sir
i am very happy with you and your piano lesson and i am enjoing it and fast moving in piano
Tanks & Regards







"I like reading your piano lessons over and over"


"Thanks Graham for your good lessons so far, I like reading them over and over and do the prctice. I want too to thank you for your suggestion of  Ashley's rocket piono. let see how I get quickly get involved. let me see how I can get things paid up. I am in Uganda we have some time complicated systems and  very old fashioned but let me try all in possilbility to study the piono."

PN Resa













"Thank you for your interest. I found your free course helpful as to
what is involved in learning to play the piano. I also took your suggestion and signed up for Ruth Searle's Rocket Piano Course. Thanks again."

Wilbur Dong








"Thank you very much, your course I thought it was fantastic…keep it
up. Have a lovely day."

Kind regards, Cristina






"i really liked it, i feel like maybe in a few months i can play a song at church"
thanks, Ron






Hi Mr.Graham.
"Thank you for the lessons. I am really enjoying them. I didn't check my mails recently, that's why I didn't contact you. So, again Thank you very much."

Regards, Antony.








"I think the lessons are brilliant"

Hello Graham

"Thank you so much for all your help with the above. Much appreciated – I think the lessons are brilliant."

Many thanks

Jean Bowker









"The basic lessons of part 1,2,5 are more relevant"

Thanks for sending me the free piano course. As I am the absolute beginner in playing any music instrument so I have found certain lesson is more appropriate than the others. For example part 3, 4 are too advance and abstract, they do not help me at all.
The basic lessons of part 1,2,5 are more relevant. If there is any means too include the pictures in the lesson then it will be even better.

We get into the piano thing because our kids start to take piano lesson and we would like to understand about the instrument too. Since we are living in France so over here the music notes are called as do re mi fa ….rather than C D E F …hence extra confusion.

We have looked into some beginner piano books and find that for the SOL frame, the way to remember the notes written on the lines as E(at) G(ood)B(read) D(ear) F(ather) and the notes between the lines are F A C E (face)

By the way I try to spend ~10 min each day to practice

Best regards,
















"hey thanks for everything i am finding it really helpful."
angie castillo





"Thanks Graham for the free lessons. I am looking forward to starting my piano lessons. I will keep you posted on my progress. Take care."






"I found your five free lessons interesting, but I have to confess here that, when at school, I did attain Grade 6 piano.  I have two specific problems which I was hoping your course might solve, although I realize that it is aimed at the complete beginner."

Thanks and regards
Avril Field-Taylor








Thanks for the tip, it is really useful. Greatly appreciated. I hope one day I will be more skillful.

God bless you.







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