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"I must say, your method does clarify the daunting task of approaching the keyboard!"

I did find your information useful. I have just started to play the piano really to extend my musical knowledge and repertoire. I'm actually a clarinettist – but wanted to understand more about chords/chord progression etc. and als to add another instrument.

I must say, your method does clarify the daunting task of approaching the keyboard! However, my clarinet teacher – who is a long and good friend of mine – is a fantastic pianist and another very close friend of mine is a piano teacher -so I have lots of support! But your material was still of use and I recommend it!
Graham, South east















Dear Mr. Howard,
I liked my free piano lessons and I am, in fact practicing almost every day.

Your lessons helped to serve as a reminder to sit down and play.

Yours, Anna













"Hiya Graham,
I am just writing to thank you. I have a keyboard as I live in what you call a condo so uprights cannot be brought here, and I have all the basic books on piano. Thankyou for sending the mails."

best wishes,











 "I found your course valuable but I must push on now"

"Thank you for your email. I certainly am practicing every day and am trying to build on the information that you so kindly supplied in your free introductory course.

I am a complete beginner and so it is a hard slog every day but I know that I am making progress. I am trying to master chords at the moment and my left hand won't do what I want it to do and when.

I am comforting myself with the knowledge that I learned how to touch type so I should be able to play the piano too if I stick at it. I did find your course valuable but I must push on now so I am reading everything that I can to help me progress. Thanks once again."

Yours painstakingly, Mike















Dear Howard,

"Thank you for the piano lessons. Learning piano
suppose to be my retirement project. Finally I've got my digital piano.
I find your lessons very helpful. While still
working I know, I need to practice every day.
With much appreciation."













"Hello Graham Howard,

I'd like to express my thanks for the free piano course, I found it quite helpful and it's a nice starting point for learning music. I understood all of it, as it was quite clear in underlining principles."


George Kokkinos










"Dear Graham,

Thank you for your free piano lessons, after all these years it has got me started again. I have purchased the Rocket piano lessonsyou recommend and find they are great. Maybe it will work this time!"










"Thank you for being my teacher"

I greet you my dear friend. To tell you the truth I have been learning from your lesson they have help me  in a great deal .The interesting this is that i was not using my Piano i was using my friend's .And it was the grace of God that he gave t to me .The part that hurt me is that he will take it anytime just when i was getting better .I am a jazz singer .I sing blues ,copact ,african jazz and classic jazz ,even RnB .But when i was learning the piano now i got more better at it .

Thank you for being my teacher and you will reamin one

regards, Denford Matongo













"I found the instruction for your free piano lesson course very helpful as a 50 plus beginner"

Ged Hale








"The lessons are very much appreciated.  Enjoying them.
Many thanks"










"I am sure I will be a good pianist for
my family someday with your tips and advises"

"Hi Howard,
thanks a lot for these wonderful report and tips you sent me, i am pretty sure these things will help me a lot to improve my piano lessons. i just bought a kawai digital pian CA5 model
replacing my Yamaha keyboard (but I still have it in case I travel I can use it). The Kawai is a wooden key made and sounds pretty good and I am sure I will be a good pianist for
my family someday with your tips and advises.
Regards and more power!"















Dear Mr Howard,
"Further to your email.
It is progressing and the course is very very useful to start off with.
I repeat it again and again.
I guess some visuals or graphics of the keyboard may further help but
still very good and thanks.
Some info on chords would be useful or did I miss that !
I will go through it again.
Look forward to your next email."

John R Lowry













"Thanks to your free piano course my motivation is gaining pace"

Hi Graham

In reply, I am pleased to tell you that I am well impressed with the
material that has been sent. I believe my next statement answers your
question in the most positive way for you. I have signed up for your full
beginners course and have commenced downloading the files.

I have an upright Welma Piano that has been collecting dust for a few years (kept for sentimental reasons) and having read your article about age (I am 68) decided that it was not to late for me to get some confidence moving and have a go.

Thanks to your free piano course my motivation is gaining pace, I am practicing every day, at present (we do go away on short breaks with our caravan a great deal so I will take the course work with me to read) the piano is being re-tuned next week so I am really pleased.

Thank you



































Thanks for the brief piano course.
Having procrastinated for many years, even though I have a number of tutor books, I have realised the only way to commitment is to book up some piano lessons.

Cheers, Peter











"I welcome as much free advice as you like to offer."

Hi Graham,

"I found that your piano course was easy to understand and the basics of understanding music and how it is structured is also very useful but perhaps I am not realy the best person to comment on the course you see I am 72 years of age and for about the last 10 years I have struggled nay grappled with the Keyboard.

In 2000 I attended an evening course on Keyboard playing and managed to get the level one certificate, the instructor was very good had A STRING OF LETTERS After his name but alas he decided that he had had enough of senile OAPs And did not continue with the course then coupled with that I had a Hip Operation and sadly my keyboard fell into disuse for sometime then when I Started playing again I had to learn all over again.

However, my worst critic was my wife and playing became impossible for some time so the Keyboard again fell in to disuse for some considerable time, Then it was the for some considerable time, Then it was the Yamaha PSR320 but since then sadly my wife passed away recently and strange as it may seem once again I returned to the Keyboard.

But this time a more sophisticated model The PSR 7000 which is somewhat More professional looking and sounding I intend to continue with this Instrument and would welcome as much free advice as you would like to offer.

Currently use three fingered chords and the auto chord feature
But would dearly love to be able to use the full fingered chording System,however- one day perhaps after much more practice."

Ronnie Barker.

PS with a name like this I've got to be good at something!
























"I am progressing teaching myself piano at my own pace at home"

Hi Graham

Thanks for you latest email. I found it very interesting. I have had
private piano lessons in the past from 3 different teachers and one of them was great and taught me a tremendous amount about theory and practice and I really progressed my piano playing with her.

The other two teachers were not as good and I agree a great deal of self discipline is required to keep up boring practice set my someone else. I have also had group piano lessons at a local college and this was not very successful either. I am progressing teaching myself piano at my own pace at home.

Regards Jennifer
















Hi Graham,

I love your free piano course very much and i am very happy and grateful for your generosity and help so far. I have been tremendously blessed by your materials and may God continue to inspire you so that you can be a blessing to students like myself.
Thanking you, Moses











"Your site, free lessons, interest, and advice have helped us both. Thank you"

"I'm 63, totally un-musical, not too bright and muddle along in the throng. I have two young sons, one of whom (aged eight) has been taking weekly keyboard lessons from a local teacher for a couple of years. He is progressing steadily, although not amongst the ranks of the talented. However, having got to grips with the basics, he takes great pleasure in finding, and learning to play simple new tunes.

I had come across your site of course and, offering free lessons, took up your offer. I also recently bought the Rocket Piano Course, for myself, on your advice. I cannot devote the time I would like to the Rocket lessons but fit some in when practical (busy subsistence farmer! Several aspects have been of great benefit, and although I still cannot string a tune together with style, I have a better understanding of my son's learning process and progress.

Your site, free lessons, interest, and advice have helped us both, directly and indirectly. Thank you."

Aon Duine













"I promise you that I'll be a good pianist for my family"

"Hi graham,
Thanks for patiently sending me all these info on how to play music and learn the notes, i really do appreciate your comments and suggestions and i promise you that i will be a good pianist for my family."












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