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"You've done a great job on the course. Any beginner can find it very helpful as it covers most of the aspects. "

Deon Litchmore









"I found the free piano course very useful. I have now signed up for and received the on line course Rocket Piano which I find is excellent."

Best wishes and thanks,












Dear Graham


"I thank you very much for your lesson. I enjoy it and only practice makes everything better."












"Your course is good on the basics"

"I thought your course contained good info on the basics. I am taking keyboard lessons at the moment but I always think that reviewing different sources of information is very helpful if not necessary.

I don't think that any individual would get exactly what they need from a single course. Other sources may contain handy hints or sometimes make a concept easier by explaining it in a different way. A good example is the Rocket Piano course which I have downloaded. Normal ear training and sight reading practice can get very laborious but by using the fun software included, it makes it a lot easier.

As I said, your course is good on the basics but it would be handy to include some ways of making the process of learning a little easier. It gets very hard sometimes when it seems that you reach a wall and can't get over it. I'm looking forward to the section on improving sight reading and memory."

Regards, Martyn Fuller
















"Thank you for your email piano lessons; it is very kind of you."








"With your help, i'm very sure i can learn to play piano"

"Thanks for all your efforts teaching me how to play. i am learning a lot, so far i am doing good. I have started learning and found the middle c and with your help, i am very sure i can learn how to play the piano.

sincerely, virgil"










"Dear sir ,
Thank you so much for these lessons,I am trying to practice my best. With best regards,"











Hi Graham,
"I thank you for the free course.  I have read through it but as I work full time and am very busy at the moment I shall wait until I can give sufficient time for practice, hopefully soon.  I have had piano lessons many years ago and I do have a piano but I need some refresher training and your course is very helpful. I still have most of my tutor books."
thank you,


















"Learning how to play piano will help me greatly"

I want to thank you so much for your good piono lessons, they are so understandable and clear and for the care and love of your students,
I loved listening to stringed instruments when I was still a boy and I love listening to piono as well so learning how to play it will help me greatly.

Thanks even for your good words"

Daniel Nsubuga















Hi Graham

"Thanks for the lessons – as an absolute novice, I found them to be
very useful. I am soon to buy my own piano, so wouild appreciuate
comments in your forthcoming newsletter."

Best wishes, Fred Gravestock










More comments…

Dear Graham,

It was nice to hear from you and I really appreciate your feedback. You are
really take care of your customers. At the moment  I'm very busy as we have
a lot of sick leave at work which we have to replace for.  I promise that I
will give you a feedback on the lessons you have sent. I already had a quick
look at my break time but doing practice is different. Thanks once again for
your concern

kind regards


Hi Graham!
I'm very for the free 5-part course offered to me. It has been very useful though not the full course.
The full-part course you recommended, I have confirmed worthy of its price, but I just can't afford it now and especially from where I am. All the same I'm very grateful. Thank you very much.

Your Christlikely,

Dear Sir,

im very happy and excited to get lessons from you, im practicing
everyday as you said but please help me how to read music. Thankyou somuch
for helping out many people like me through your lessons and mainly your
wonderful suggestions to us.

Thankyou once again .

yours lovingly,


Hi Graham
Thank you for the lessons in piano , its very informative and simple to understand as it is written in a manner which is self explanatory.


I cant fault your lessons at all they are user friendly, informative, concise and a most welcoming friend dropping in my email box.



im doing the second grade of the royal school syllabus. of course i would like to find out more on what books i should refer or play for technical improvement. im presently playing the ALFREDS SERIES LEVEL 2…kindly let me know…thank you sir….akshar

Hi Akshar

I recommend you call Hejran on 020 8367 2080.

She runs the All Talents Music School.

Her advice is second to none.

Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard
UK Pianos

Hi Graham
This mail is what i needed as good as a piano lesson thank you
my left wont play ball many times i felt like bashing it with a hammer if it was not for the fact that am allergic to pain
i will play the language of the angels the piano
thank you

Reply/ Hi Mustapha

You are very funny, I like your humour.

Just try to practice more with the left hand.
Do some one handed scales, arpeggios, and
do some sight reading using only the left hand.

After a while of doing this everyday, you should
see some improvement.

Make sure you keep that hammer in a locked draw!

Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard
UK Pianos


Hi Graham,


I would just like to thank you for all your advice within the course, it has really helped my understanding of the piano and what it is all about.

My music teacher said i would be good at playing the piano but there is no piont in me learning it because i wouldn't grasp it easily because i'm too old, is this true? Because i am only 14 years old and this really pulled my confidence down.

Do i have to pay for this online course?

Well with your help i'm well on my way to learning the piano.

thank you again, i look forward to hearing from you again.


yours pianistically,




Reply/  “You are never too old to learn". This is what I
usually advise if you are retired… But 14
years old???


The advice you've got from your teacher is
absolute nonsense. Many players have become
successful starting later in life.


The fastest and surest way to success is to
practice EVERY DAY.


My course is free, but you need to invest
around £20 for Ruth Searle's Rocket Piano Course.


Rocket Piano will teach you all the basics of
playing piano.


You can read about it here:


Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

UK Pianos

Thank you, Graham. What I've read so far has been very useful and greatly
appreciated. I'm working hard on basics and am determined to practise
regularly. I'm new to the piano but have played clarinet for over twenty
years, very rarely missing a day for the practice of scales and studies.

My main puzzle at the moment is how a pianist learns to place the hands in
the correct position for the start of a particular piece of music. On
clarinet one's hands are always in the same position, regardless of the
music, and the position of one's fingers is what varies. On the piano it's
obvious even to a beginner that the hands can't remain in the same position
for different pieces of music! Perhaps there is a simple formula?

Best wishes, Laurence of Mar

Reply/ Hi Laurence

There is no set formula for this.

By learning all the scales and arpegios and
practicing sight-reading every day, you will
(eventually) know which fingers to use at
the start of a piece.

It helps sometimes to look at the notes ahead…
You can then determine which fingers to start
off with.

This will all come naturally to you when you have
got many hours of practice behind you.

Graham Howard

Question/ I want your help. I actually don’t have an 88 or 85 key piano, I have a small synthesizer CASIO SA-45, as I am a beginner I bought this. Can I learn all this lesson sent by you on that synthesizer also?

Reply/ Hi Priyanka

The Casio SA-45 is a tiny keyboard but you can still follow my lessons on it. Once you have mastered the basics then I recommend buying something with at least 76 keys — and preferably weighted.

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

Click here to get your free piano lessons.


It was nice of you that u sent me some tips. I’m in need of the chord combination so would u pliz help me? Rajesh

Reply/ The system I teach doesn't include chords.

Here is a course that I recommend though:


Graham Howard



Hello Graham
You send me regular e mails and usually ask for a response , so I thought
I'd respond to this particular one.

The reason I never bothered with private lessons were simple ….expense .
Up here , I was quoted around £24 per hour, not to mention all the other factors

travel etc .

I knew I would benefit from a structured regime , especially when paying for it,
but I simply could not justify that kind of expense , so declined . .
Let me tell you something of myself . I am a 50 year old man , with little
talent , but a great. passion for music . I have played a Spanish guitar
for many years , and although still not anything special , I am well past
beginner stage .


I had a friend of many years , who sadly died this year .
We both played guitar , and I have many recordings of folk and pop songs we
did . After his death I found myself uninterested in picking up
the instrument . But my passion for music continues . I had always loved
the piano , but never owned one .


I think the piano is a solo instrument ,
and in many ways is the king of instruments , as it can play almost
anything , whether solo or an accompaniment. With my friend dead , I
gravitated towards a piano , as I felt my days of playing with someone else were now
over . I decided on a Yamaha NP 30 , as I saw a player demonstrate one
on QVC and I was entranced as she played Bach with ease . It sits proudly
in my bedroom at the moment , but I find I just want to try and play by ear.

I have tried some online programs ( inc yours ) and I find having to go to
pc to scroll etc is annoying . I bought myself a beginners course book Vol
one , but I still struggle . I think my fingers move ok ( due to years of guitar
playing I suppose ) but piano is a different discipline altogether . On
guitar , I could learn chord structures , and I wish I could just do the
same for piano .


However , the piano I feel , is more rewarding , as the  tune can be heard far more clearly ,

( plus it never needs tuned ) but I keep getting an inclination to bend or slide a note ,

which I cannot do . I  will persevere with it , as my passion for music will always be with me . At
the moment I am trying to learn the first part of " Fur Elise " . There are
videos of players teaching this on You Tube . I'm sure I'll end up watching
them slowly and learning from them . I know that's the wrong way to learn ,
but it worked for years on guitar , and these habits are hard to break .
Feel free to write back, Andy Cullen


Reply/ Hi Andy

I enjoyed reading your email.


There is nothing wrong with learning to play a
piece of music by watching videos on YouTube…


If you find this the easiest way to learn, then why not?

Learning piano should be fun, not a rigorous task.


Your experience of playing the guitar should help you
pick up things much quicker on the piano.


I wish you the best of luck.


Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard
UK Pianos



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