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Hello I am very happy that I can play piano and no, I do not think that the age is important. I always dreamt to play piano but because life is full of suprprises bad or good and you do not have time to do what you like I decided that this year I will change this so I want to play piano and I realy like. Thank you very much for your courses is really helping me and about the notes alphatecaly notes I knew allready so I can wait the next lesson.






Hi Graham,


I like very much your free lessons. I found in these lessons tips and hints that I could not find in the books or other courses.
I use the free lessons just to set myself in a better position in taking the courses. Because of your free lessons, I feel much
more motivated and encouraged learning the piano. I have the strange feeling that I can not fail in this adventure. We stick
with your web page to get the piano news.
The piano progress is excellent, I spend the time studying the Rocket Piano course, there are many theoretical aspects to be
understood and fixed before any practice. I can not believe that in about 4 weeks I started to read music, to understand it. 
At this time I practice with the fingers on the table, the piano is ordered but it did not arrived yet. I feel progress from
one day to another, it is a fantastic activity, I feel much younger. The tips and hints from your free lessons offered me the
frame on which I can advance with the course, the Rocket Piano has been reccomended by you and is indeed the best course

available to me.
My interest in piano is driven mainly by my 4 yrs daughter, I try to prepare her for september when she will take a piano course
in a music school. I will take care that my daughter will practice every day about 15-30 mins., she will have to take two courses,
one at home with me and another at school. Anyways, my wife shows also strong interest for piano playing, I think we already

have a great time doing this activity all toghether.
You have the best piano web page, there is no equal to it, for about 3 months I am searching intensively on the piano subject

and there is nothing that could really attract me.


Thanks for what you do for us and I wish you best success.



Hello Graham,
May I say how very much I am enjoying your lessons, tips, advice and encouragement.  I will tell you more about my progress later (I am an absolute beginner) but you and one or two others have given me great hope.  I practise conscientiously and I know that I am progressing a bit every day and (blissfully!) for the first time in my life (and I am 64) I can now read some music.    I have never played any musical instrument before so that's a great thrill for me.




Hi Graham!


Thank you for your tips to improve piano playing fast – it all makes such
perfect sense when put like that.


My playing is improving steadily, I'm sure.  I've just finished Rocket Piano
Beginners and Intermediate courses, and now I'm going through them again
before rushing on to the next step (revision, if you like) and becoming more
confident each day.  Unfortunately my fingers don't follow my brain all that
well nowadays (being 59 years old!).  And I have a tremor, which makes it
even harder, but practice WILL make perfect in the end, even if it takes me
longer than I'd hoped.  (I've always wanted to play piano, but never had the
opportunity when young, and you always tend to think that something you love
so much will come easy – NOT necessarily true!)


But I love it anyway, and because I now have the Yamaha Clavinova, with
headphones, I don't have to worry about annoying anyone but myself during
practice.  It's fantastic!  And when I get confident enough with a piece, I
simply unplug the headset and play out loud.


The best thing of all is that my sightreading IS getting better, because I'm
not trying to take shortcuts by learning everything off by heart and playing
without music, but rather, following the score.  I know that eventually
music will be as easy to read as text… and I'm determined to practice
patiently and steadily until I get there.  In the meantime, every extra tip
that comes my way is very welcome.


Thanks again for all your help and encouragement.




HI Graham.

I am practising every day,I have called it Gertie, great sound, and i have found your lessons easy to follow, i have only had it for
three weeks, and it has helped me, i am now starting to play without looking at the notes all the time, next are the Chords,i will
have to get my left hand working, i have started , i know it will take time, i am going to have an hour on it in the morning and
an hour in the afternoon. I am 70 so i have the time, thank you once again, hope to hear from you,

Regards John



Your course is very good. It's too fundamental for me, but it is accurate according to the principles of music. I'm more at the intermediate level. I'm learning about the various chord types, their resolution, their function, chord patterns etc. I'm also working on articulation in my piano playing. Great site on the internet is the chord computer that lists all the different types of chords. I love that site.

My Yamaha P155S is working beautifully. I am learning something new every day and my daily practice is making a difference. I'm smoother. I know where the next note is and what I must do to play it.

My main interest is the songs from the American Swing era such as the music of Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, George Gershwin. I love music that has a good melody and great rythym. I like bossa nova music also. These are my interests. I also like jazz standards such as Cry Me a River, Blues in the Night, On the South Side of Chicago. They're not composing music like that these days. These songs speak to me.



hi dear Pianist,

Thank you for training me im not able to make it
since i don't  have a piano to learn. But iam so much happy with your piano
lessons.i have practiced for few months. thank you so much for your concern
about my class. you are such a wonderful teacher i ever had thank you once


yours, annie.


Hi Graham

Thank you for the on line lessons Piano and recent correspondence.
I practice everyday at least 40- 60 mins sometime twice a day on my Korg Pa
588 a digital piano with weighted keys.

I play with three bands all with differing songs and musical genres.
Not only can I play quicker but my accuracy is improving day by day
I have nearly mastered a song I've been practicing for ages, it's called
Lady Madonna by the Beatles. It's a cross between a boogies and a shuffle
rhythm, I love this tune, because it stretches the fingers, it has a strong
boogie bass line with open voicing chords with the right hand but most of
all it tests the old grey matter.
I love music from the roaring twenties, show tunes, movie scores and a whole
of musical genres. From 150- 1970's.
However I do need to improve my sight reading skills.
For too long I have played by ear. Envied by many, I would like to be able
to sit down and play straight off the sheet.
I have a very good friend that leads a folk dance band, he has over 50 years
of playing under his belt, however if he hasn't got the music in front of
him he gets lost especially if its' a tune written in waltz time.
Jigs and reels are no problem.
Quick to impress or the ability to lock a musical passage in your head.
I have found rather than having to learn a whole song, if you can memorize
as many riffs or piano licks, middles 8's or intros as possible one thing
leads to another. Your fingers will develop a memory of their own.
It's a bit like driving, how many of us having arrived at our destination
But can't remember the last five miles we have driven.
Think of all those muscle actions and coordination your body makes in
getting the car to do what you want it to do?
Music is a lot more enjoyable and a lot less stressful.
Tips of the day, Your never too old to learn just keep an open mind.
We weren't born with the skills of reading & writing but we were taught and
we learned.
If you can join other musicians at a social gathering this will help with
your confidence when you perform live.
I live in Somerset, many publicans are hosting "Open Mic nights",
Some cynics who argue that the venue is getting a cheap night's
entertainment. My view is, that one can reap a wealth of knowledge
a chance to hone your skills.
I enjoy playing live music with others, sharing ideas and keeping music
It's a chance for budding musicians from any background can get together to
play and perform.
One thing I've learned is, with the gift of music you can never stop
There are a few skills I would like to master.
I would like to know out to play octave runs with the correct fingering
 an old boogie woogie tune called Honky Tonk Train Blues, performed by Keith
Emerson (from the Emerson Lake and Palmer group) originally written by Maede
Lux Lewis
I am in the middle of upgrading my Digital piano for my live work.
I've not yet decided which one to buy the choices are between Roland RD
300NX 700NX or Yamaha CP 5 or 50 I need to find a store near by the compare.
I currently use a weighted 88 Keyboard made by Korg.



Hi Graham,

I liked a lot your free lessons, thanks. I hope to see a complete easy to understand course from you soon.




Hi Graham

I'm just dropping you a line to say a huge thank you for all the tips and
advice you've been sending.

I play in three bands and rehearse 2x 30 minute a day. I'm in the middle of
auditioning a new stage piano for live work,

the choices are between the Roland RD 700NX or Yamaha CP5

I would love to be able to play boogie woogie tune Honky Train Blues.

keep up the good work




Your lessons have been quite refreshing and revealed just how much I missed having a solid foundation.
This is what these lessons have done to me; they have inspired me to start doing "something" so that a

few younger ones around me will have the opportunity to get it right, early in life. These young ones will

thank you in future! Sincere






Thank you for that information.  I actually bought a baby grand about 12 months ago, and love it.  Now I just need to learn how to play it.

I love country and western and modern ballads, and my main aim is to know a few chords to play to achieve this sort of music.

I also own a Yamaha PRS3000 keyboard which I have been playing for about 5 years, so am pretty familiar with right hand chors, but not left, as I only play one finger left hand chords.

The keyboard does the rest…lazy of me, but I seem to get away with it and play some great songs for nursing homes, and for family and friends.

The piano is not that forgiving, and as I only read E-Z play music I need to learn some chords.

So far your lessons have been very informative, thank you very much.

Any more information is greatly appreciated.




Hi Graham,
I wish you are here in U.S. Maybe I can even ask you to teach me classical music on the piano but I live here in New York city so …. I have a Petrof piano sold to me by my friend and she used to teach me piano and organ too but she moved to another State so I hope I can find another teacher.
S.Mary Christine



This was very informative and I have learned a great deal form your course…Thank you so much for
sharing your knowledge with the rest of us……


Sincerely, Sarah







I did enjoy the piano course and look froward to the next lesson.  Although a little basic for me it was excellent revision





My name is name is Richard Nnacho. I live and work in Nigeria. I want to thank you for your free piano lesson & advice, they are wonderful and easy to understand.

Richard Nnancho



Ciao  Howard,
i want to thank you from core of my heart . you not only motivated but developed interest in me to learn the piano.Yes i am practing every day particularly the notes with my both the hands .Your explanation is excellent, slow and progressive .whatever u thought to me i understood it very clearly .

Dr Shetti




I found your course truly wonderful and easy to follow, I’m progressing very well, thank you and  looking forward to receiving your follow up, how to memorize music, keep up the good work.



Your free lessons were fantastic in that they were in bite size sessions and covered
the basics extremely well which is vital in developing a good technique without bad
habits. I will be going back over the detail again to reinforce the messages.

Mark Fletcher



Im doing well, practicing each day except for this last few days Ive sprained my wrist (knitting a blanket, its finished thank goodness but left me with a swollen wrist.. repetative strain injury ) how ever, I cant fault your lessons at all they are user friendly, informative, concise and a most welcoming friend dropping in my email box.

I would like to learn some chords just to have a go at playing something that sounds like something but no rush, still doing the exercises and trying to remember the notes… I have eternity to learn in so am in no rush.

I have a huge yamaha keyboard (ebay £59.00) my daughters boyfriend who visits now and then composes music and plays almost any instrument, he gave me a couple of exercises to do to stretch my fingers but is always tooooo busy, so I am finding your lessons excellent.

He usually lives in scotland but has been in the area for a few months (he has an upright piano, so have had a go practicing on that when Ive been to their house, I see the difference between the weight of the keyboard and the piano.. he picked this yamaha one for me, said it was the nearest best thing to the real piano

so many thanks once again

much appreciated



Dear Mr. Graham Howard,

I would appreciate to receive information about your free piano course and I would enjoy it very much studiying with you piano.  My level is better than beginners because I play accordeon and a little bit organ so it would b e wonderful if I could continue studying and pogressing.

Thank you very much




Dear Graham
I'm not a beginner but I've let it go not finding the time and recently almost gave away my piano to my grandson! It was in looking for pianos for him that I came across your website – I think!  However I 've just come back from the Leeds competition and been inspired to start again. Your most valuable advice was practice everyday and be absolutly thorough and accurate it's so easy to get into bad habits and just ignore  mistakes .I did think about taking piano lessons again when I retired but never got round to it. The regular e-mail is a prompt and encouragement Many thanks you really have helped and my playing has improved 100% in the last couple of weeks.
I did once win the County under 16s cup in Cumbria – many years ago! Jennifer


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