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Keyboard Bag BCK Heavyduty Soft Padded KB45 (for 61 key keyboards)

Keyboard Bag BCK KB45


The KB45 soft padded keyboard case fits the following keyboards: CASIO CPS-120, CTK-560L, CKT-620L, CTK-631, CTK-731, CTK-750, CTK-1000 KORG PA-50 ROLAND EM-30, EM-50, EM-55, JD-800, VA-3, V SYNTH TECHNICS KN-700, KN-720, KN-770, KN-920, KN-930, KN-1000, KN-1200, KN-1400, KN-1500, KN-1600, KN-2000, KN-2400, KN-2600, KN-3000, KN-3500, KN-5000, KN-6000, KN-6500 YAMAHA CS-6X, PSR-1100, PSR-2100, PSR-4000, PSR-7000, PSR-8000, PSR-S700, PSR-S710, PSR-S900, PSR-S910, MOTIV 6, MOTIV ES-6, S-30, SY-77, SY-85. Visit the main piano accessory category to view more keyboard + piano accessories and equipment.

Dimensions: 1060mm (l) x 448mm (d) x 178mm (h)

No longer available

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