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How The Rent-To-Own Programme Works

The particular advantage of the 'Rent-To-Own' programme is that it allows you immediate access to a good quality piano for a small monthly payment, without a big initial outlay. This means that you're able to try out the piano before committing. Once you've passed the minimum rental period you can continue renting for as long as you wish. You can buy the piano you're hiring at any time. If your piano needs any repairs whilst on rental a technician will come out to fix the problem free of charge.

If you decide to buy your rental piano within the first 6 months (12 months for acoustic pianos), all the rental you've paid will be taken off the original price of the piano.

Piano rental costs range from £30-£95 per month.

  • New digital pianos from £35 per month 
  • Secondhand digital pianos from £30 per month 
  • Secondhand upright pianos from £25 per month 
  • Grand pianos from £95 per month 

You can get more information on the ‘Rent-To-Own’ programme by calling: 020 8367 2080, or by sending an email to

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Piano rental FAQ's

Question/ How much do I have to pay initially?
(i) Security deposit (20% of the piano's selling price – usually between £70-£400). The deposit is deducted from the purchase price of the piano if you buy it, or refunded to you when the rental has finished

(ii) The 1st month's rental
(iii) Delivery

Question/ What's the minimum rental term?

Answer/ 6 months on digital pianos, and 12 months on upright and grand pianos


Question/Can I change my piano whilst I'm renting?
Answer/ Yes, providing you pay the transportation cost (usually about £65)

Question/ When I decide to purchase, can I buy a different piano?

Answer/ Yes, you can. Just contact us for an upgrade quote (only applicable for acoustic pianos)


Question/ Do you do a credit check?
Answer/ No, we don't. We only ask for a utility bill for proof of your address.


Question/ Do I need to insure my piano?
Answer/ Yes. Just contact your household insurance Company and ask them to add the piano to your existing contents insurance. They don't usually charge for this.

Question/ If I rent for more than 1 year, do I get more money off?
Answer/ No, the maximum rental that can be deducted is 12 months

Question/Can I return my piano before the minimum rental period?
Answer/ Yes, but the remaining rental payments must be settled in full

Question/ What happens if I damage my piano?

Answer/ You should contact us to get it repaired, or we'll repair it when it is returned. There may be a charge

How can I pay?

You can pay the initial deposit by either card, cheque, bank transfer or cash. The monthly payment will be by standing order

What identification is required?


A copy of your driving licence, utility bill or bank statement


Renting a piano is simple:

1) Call 020 8367 2080 or email

2) Choose your piano, or we can advise one for you
3) Print off the following forms:
rental form, and terms and conditions

4) Fill them out and post them back to us along with your ID. Our address is: UK Pianos, 83 Southbury Road, Enfield, EN1 1PJ

5) On receipt of the forms we'll call you to arrange delivery of your piano


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