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Read reviews of shops and websites that sell digital pianos. See what customers of these stores have to say (good or bad), and find out how they rate them.

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Questions and Comments

Hi Graham,
I am back in the piano market again.  I went to my dealer with the 
intention of purchasing a Yamaha
CLP 380.  However, the salesperson told me that for the price of the  380,
I would be better off buying the CVP 505 with the additional  features. 
Based on the salesman recommendation, I purchased the  Yamaha CVP 505.  I have
played on it for a few weeks now.   However, I am finding that I do not like
it as much as the Yamaha CLP  380. 
To me, even with all the bells and whistles, the touch and sound of the CVP
 505 does not come close to that of the CLP 380.  Since I am unhappy,  the
dealer has agreed to allow me to do an even exchange for the CLP 380.   Of
course, this will mean a loss of money for me because I have to purchase the 
CLP 380 for the price I paid for the CVP 505 but I will do it just to get
the  piano I want.
The dealer thinks that I will regret my decision in the future  by
switching back to the CLP 380.  He feels that the CLP 380 will not  have as much
resale value.
and touch of the CLP 380  but I don't want to lose money needlessly.  Please
help me as I always  value your honest opinion.

Reply/ Hi Joanne

It's a shame that the salesman persuaded you to
get the CVP505 instead of the CLP380… he was
very wrong to do this…

Pushy salepeople are trained to sell you the most
expensive piano. This is because the shop makes
more profit and the salesperson gets a higher

A good – and ethical – salesperson will sell you
a piano that's right for YOUR needs, not THEIRS,
regardless of the price…

This creates goodwill and future recommendations
for their store.

And, in addition to that, the salesperson will
sleep well at night knowing they helped someone
make the right choice.

Going back to your choice of piano… you're
absolutely right in saying that the CLP380 has 
a nicer sound and better feel to the keys
than the CVP505.

I totally agree!

It looks as though you'll have to exchange it for
the CLP380 and take a loss.

Personally I think that shop should refund the
whole amount you paid for the CVP505, then take
a new order from you for the CLP380.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard