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Roll Up Pianos are becoming very popular. If you need to practice while you are on holiday, or just learn the notes on the keyboard before progressing on to a proper piano, the Roll Up Piano is for you. The main advantage is the small space they take up when rolled up. Read reviews and find out if the Roll Up Piano is good or if it's a passing fad.

1) Wersi Roll-Up Piano Keyboard

I am on my second roll-up piano and it is just as bad as the first and although each were of different makes I was suspicious as the instruction manual for each were identical. The supplier told me that my expectations were too high for the price I paid which was £45.00.

Although the sound quality of the 100 odd tones are very good each time you press a note that note fires off two or three times. Playing a chord is useless unless your fingers are very still and even then the notes repeat. I bought it to use as a training aid for my Barbershop Chorus to ensure they hit the right notes.

I have seen them demonstrated on UTube and most are very good but I can only presume that these are quite expensive ones. The Ebay advert advised not to buy the cheap Chinese models but buy theirs, which I did, only to find this major problem.
If you purchase one from a shop, ask them to lay it out and try it before you buy. If, when hitting a key the note repeats two or three times then DON'T buy it. It is rubbish and will only frustrate you. In that state they are not even worth giving to your children to learn piano skills on.

Reviewed by Eric Hoare, East Cowes, Isle of Wight (12/11/10)

2) The Roll Up Keyboard is Rubbish!

I bought one of these things and have to say I am not very happy with it. I was under the impression that it was like playing a keyboard, but you can't actually press down the keys! They are just flat. The sound is suprisingly good though, but it really is of no use to me.  Reviewed by Alex Caldwell, Herts.

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