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Thomann DP30 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
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Thomann DP30

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1) "It sounds good and realistic to me"

I bought a Thomann DP-30 digital piano,and I am very satisfied with the piano in such a good price.

It sounds good and realistic to me,key weight is heavy,but feels more like an old acoustic piano.

It is easy to use, my 4 years old can play it at once without my help.

It is really a good choise if you just begin to learn and you are in a tight budget.I think it is much better than a Casio once I saw in Costco,I forgot the type of the digtal piano,but it costs 599 pounds and still not got hammer effects.

The only thing is the delivery.It is too heavy to delivered from Germany,so be careful when you buy such a thing if you cant pick up yourself. The one I bought has a broken lid when I opened package,although Thomann changed one for me,I have to assemble it myself,and it is really a hard work.

In general I love this digital piano.

Reviewed by Lola, Huddersfield, UK

2) "Overall I'm very surprised how good this cheap digital piano is"

Overall I'm very surprised how good can this cheap digital piano be. I'd call this DP as a "decent" digital piano.

It's cheap, I bought my DP-30 19th day October 2012 for 398€ ($509 or£320) from I have to say that if I didn't know the price, I'd say that this thing would be much more expensive. You really get what you pay for.

SOUND 4/10
Sound quality is ok, but the sound dies a bit too fast for my taste. Of course, the sounds have been recorded from a real piano so for some people that's not a problem. When DSP is on, some strange rustle can be heard, so I don't use it. When it's off, sound is clear. For beginners or amateur players sound is good enough, but for professionals or demanding people, sound quality may be too bad. Pitch is accurate and that's the most important thing for me.

TOUCH 7/10
This is the part where I was surprised the most – touch responsivity is good and keys are heavy enough, atleast for me. Key width is good and not very hard to play. Let me compare this to Roland RP-301 SB (1199€), which I've played dozens of times. Roland has better sound and key quality, but touch sensitivity is very artificial in Roland. I'd say that DP-30 has better keytouch.

This thing has a lot of useful features; recording, split mode, dual mode, 210 different voices (most of them are useful), 60 different songs, 120 different beats and a lot more. You can connect it to computer via USB. Pedals are a bit strange…they doesn't feel so realistic. This thing is mostly user-friendly. I mean different features are easy to use. Jog dial is great invention! Key cover is a plus too.

DP-30 looks very cool. My one is black, I don't know if there's other colors. Coat patterning looks great, but only bad thing in this piano's semblance is pedals. They just does not look so good for me, but that's just me.

DP-30 has enough watts to be used indoors. Bottom speakers are big my mind, about 5". Assembling was rather easy. Took about 25-30min. 2 persons are needed to hoist the piano itself on the stand (it weights about 45kg and it's too big to hoist alone). There was 2 user manuals, in English and in German.

Delivery time was 2 weeks to here in Finland. I ordered it in Friday and it came to my door 2 weeks later.

Review by Kalle, Finland (23/11/2012)

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