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Yamaha CLP220 – Dark Rosewood Set (Includes Matching Adjustable Height Piano Stool and Headphones). More colours below.

Yamaha CLP220 R Set  3 Year Warranty

Discontinued April 2011 – replaced by Yamaha CLP320 

Classenti CDP2Compare Yamaha CLP220 with Classenti CDP2

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Compare the CLP220 with the YDP131

See below for CLP220 mahogany, cherry and polished ebony.

You get:

 30 day money back guarantee (If you're not happy with your piano, you have up to 30 days to return it for a full refund).

 3 year warranty (Any faults will be repaired in your home or the piano collected and replaced)

 Free delivery (Includes UK, Ireland and most European countries).

 * Adjustable rosewood piano stool (With a wide range of adjustment – up or down – allowing you to sit comfortably, and at the correct height. This is essential for developing the right technique, especially if you're a beginner).

 * Digital piano headphones (Covers the whole ear and blocks out external noise. They are superb!

You also get:

Free Music Book – 50 Greats For The Piano





* items only included in the CLP220 bundle offer.

What Our Customers Say…




Hi Graham

"Thanks for all your help – we have indeed taken your advice on which piano to buy and have just taken delivery of the Yamaha CLP220 from Thomann. It is absolutely brilliant. We are all beginnners in the family and are currently fighting over it!"

Thanks again for your help,

Mandy Hayes on 07.01.2008













"Superb service… my order arrived from here nearly twice as fast as from similar type stores in the uk! Keep up the good work!"

Ian Randell, London on 15.03.2007 










"I have bought pianos, amps, guitars and other music equipment from you and the service has been EXCELLENT!"


Tony, from Dublin on 11.10.2007

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The CLP220 also has:

  • Sliding key cover (Protects your keys from accidental damage, dust and small objects that kids always manage to wedge between the keys 🙂
  • 1-track song recorder (You can play, record and play-back your own music; or even save it to disk and transfer it to your computer).
  • Built-in metronome (Can be adjusted to any tempo)
  • 3 pedals (Right is sustain, centre is sostenuto and left is soft)
  • 50 preset songs (Tired of playing? Need a rest? Want to impress the neighbours :-). The CLP220 will play by itself and has 50 songs available at the touch of a button)
  • Loud speaker system 2 x 20 Watts (Loud enough for any home)
  • 2 headphone jacks (Two players can play at the same time)
  • Midi IN/OUT (For connecting to your computer)
  • Stereo sampling AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation
  • Internal Flash-Rom-memory
  • 2 track sequenzer

10 realistic instrument Voices

  • Grand Piano 1
  • Grand Piano 2
  • Electric Piano 1
  • Electric Piano 2
  • Harpsichord 1
  • Harpsichord 2
  • Vibraphone
  • Church Organ 1
  • Church Organ 2
  • Strings


Length: 1408mm

Height: 822mm

Depth: 424mm


45 kg

Record your own music with the 1-track song recorder

You can record your own music on the piano and then play it straight back. You can also save it to disk and put your music on your computer.

88-key Graded Hammer (GH) Keyboard (also known as progressive hammer action)

The CLP220 has the GH keyboard which uses a weighted mechanism and grade-weighted keys which grow gradually heavier from the top of the keyboard to the bottom, exactly like a grand piano. Unlike conventional digital piano keyboards that use springs or oil dampers to simulate a piano feel, the GH keyboard uses weights and mechanical linkages to achieve outstanding realism.

64-note polyphony

This means you can play up to 64 notes at the same time. (I hear you say you only have 10 fingers? But when the sustain pedal is depressed, the notes that are holding on count towards the 64.

Digital reverb  

Featuring the actual sounds of a concert grand piano, the CLP220 utilizes Yamaha's sophisticated AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) stereo sampling tone generation and the expressive GH (Graded Hammer) keyboard to reproduce the rich resonance and golden tones of an actual piano. With 64-note polyphony, three foot pedals and a built in speaker system, the CLP220 delivers the full nuances of an acoustic instrument. It also features a 1-track song recorder to capture your inspirations, and MIDI terminals for tapping into the wide world of computer music.

Stereo Sampling Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) tone generation

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) tone generation samples each instrument to generate a truly accurate sound, varying the volume and timbre of sound according to the touch on the keyboard.

Selection of Voices

Choose from a large selection of other stereo-sampled musical instrument sounds to perform with. These sounds provide added realism for more music playing enjoyment.

Choice of Finishes

Choose from dark rosewood, cherry, mahogany or polished ebony.


Free delivery to UK, Ireland and most European Countries.


The piano comes flat-packed and is easy to assemble (instructions in English provided). The electronics and keyboard are fixed in – all you have to do is assemble the base.

There are four screws that fix the base to the keyboard, four to fix the base together and a few smaller screws to fit the back board. The screw holes are already made and no gluing is required. Even the screw driver is provided!

I do advise two people to do the job though – purely because of the keyboard's weight – It is heavy and safer to have a helping hand when lifting it on to the base.

Other Colours


Yamaha CLP220M (Mahogany)


Yamaha CLP220C (Cherry)

Polished Ebony

Yamaha CLP220PE (Polished Ebony)









The CLP220, for me, is the simple, portable, authentic-sounding, well-weighted version of the Yamaha baby grand I hope to own one day! It has a beautiful sound, warm and bright and a sensitive, authentic touch with well weighted keys. Being the most basic of the CLP series, its voices are less accessible than those of the more sophisticated models. This doesn't bother me, however.

      I love the 50 pre-recorded songs; they play randomly as I do my housework and encourage me to keep practicing! I find it very easy to use. I was lucky enough to purchase this piano second hand for an extremely reasonable price and it is in wonderful condition. In short, my CLP220 gives me the feel and sound of a great piano, I am very happy with it.


Hannah Noel

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Compare the CLP220 with the YDP131

Compare the CLP220 with the Classenti CDP2

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Your article on which digital piano to buy was really useful. We currently have a very old acoustic piano, which we are looking to replace with a digital one. I am grade 4 standard and my 8 year old son is grade 1. I also have 2 younger sons, who will eventually be pounding away on it too!

We are interested in a Yamaha, and I wondered if you could give me your opinion on the YDP131 versus the Clavinova CLP220 as clearly there is quite a price difference.


Many thanks


Sophie Clarke

The differences between the CLP220 and the YDP131 are as follows:


                                       CLP220                                              YDP131


Speakers                          2 x 20 watts                                2 x 6 watts

(Due to the larger speaker output, the CLP220 has a deeper and more realistic tone than the YDP131)


Touch: Both have 88 fully-weighted, full size, touch sensitive keys. And a graded hammer action. However, the touch of the CLP220 does feel more realistic than the YDP131.


Instrumental Voices          10                                             6

(Extras: Electric piano 2, Harpsichord 2, Vibraphone, Church organ 2)


Dual Voice                        Yes                                            No

(You can play 2 different instrumental voices at the same time)


2 Track Sequencer              Yes                                            No

(Allows you to record your performances, then play along or overdub a second voice)


Internal Flash-Rom-Memory           Yes                                  No

(You can save your own performances and store MIDI-songs via USB-MIDI-Interface)


Dimensions: The CLP220 is 51mm longer, 4mm deeper and 169cm shorter than the YDP131


Weight:                            45kg                                37kg




The CLP220 has a more realistic sound and touch than the YDP131. It also has a few extra gadgets and instrumental voices. However, the YDP131 is more than good enough for anyone starting out.



"CLP220 or Broadway B1?"


Thank you so much for your advise, I stopped bidding on the previous piano.  I am concerned that my son will quickly outgrow the B1 as he is already on Grade 4. 


I am looking at a Yamaha Clavinova CLP 220 but wondered if you could suggest anything else.  As you may have gathered, I am on a bit of a budget.


Thank you again.



Reply/ Hi Gaile


The Broadway B1 is OK up to at least grade 6.

So you could keep this for 2-3 years then

upgrade it: we can do a part-exchange for

you later.


Otherwise, to get something much better would

cost about double.


Have you seen the Classenti CDP1?


This piano is recommended up to grade 7.


Maybe this could be a compromise?


You can see it here:


Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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