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Yamaha NP30 Reviews

1) "Ideal for piano beginner with a reasonable investment even if playing piano is only a hobby"

I've had my new keyboard for around a month and it is really helping me to
develop one of my habits in term of practicing piano everyday.

Well, honestly, being a new piano starter, I don't have a deep knowledge
about piano but then I'm willing to share some personal opinions about my
new one. As far as what i have experienced from my digital keyboard, in
general, I feel satisfied with my choice up to now. I will highly recommend
this piano for people who are at the very first step of getting to know
piano (really good for kids) and limited in budget such as students.
– The best part of this may be its price. I bought it for AUD400 – amazing
price !!!
– Although it is digital, I'm quite surprised about its sound. It actually
overcomes of some organ sound and imitates closely the real piano sound.
– Its keys are piano-imitated keys in term of design and size.
– It is light weighted which I think quite ok for people to start.
– It does have touch sensitive keys which is very important to piano players
– It also have a little bit of the graded hammer action though it may not
explicitly be recognized.
– The metronome function is quite useful which you can change the tempo
while practicing.
– It is light, portable.
– 10 different voices are available plus 10 songs
– It fits perfectly in a small space.
– Its design looks quite simple but elegant and modern. It has 2 choices for
its colors but I think black will be much much better.

– Sadly, it doesn't have the record functionality.
– The piano itself can't produce the string resonance so that it is
essential to have the portable sustain pedal as the complement. Frankly, it
will help to make the sound much more similar to a real grand piano.
However, for starter like me, I think this may not a big problem to practice
with the keyboard without the pedal first.
– The queer thing about this keyboard is about its volume. If I keep it in
medium or above but not reaching the maximum, its sound is pretty ok (as I
described above). If it reaches the maximum, it now loses part of the warm,
realistic and sensitive kind of sound and becomes rather dry and lifeless
with a little cracking sound (maybe coming from the speaker –  I don't

Overall, for AUD400, I'm absolutely satisfied with my new digital piano.
This one, in my opinion, is an ideal for piano beginner with a reasonable
investment even if playing piano is only a temporary hobby and you are not
so serious to become a professional player in the future.

Reviewed by: Linh Dang (31/08/2010)

2) "I think it's pretty good!"

I bought a 3 year old yamaha np30 with stand and music stand for £85 off of gumtree.  I know you'll disapprove but I think it's pretty good!  I haven't had a piano since my parents over 20 years ago, so to me I think the piano sound is very good.  The other sounds are quite fun -we did the addams family theme tune on harpsichord!  I went to local music shop and tried casio 120, the privia px150 and also the yamaha p35 and p105.  They didn't have the casio px350 that there seems to be a lot of love for on various piano chat internet sites. The key board action on the px150 and p105 felt very realistic and I was very impressed with both – possibly the yamaha had the edge for me in terms of sound although I didn't try with headphones.  However, I think the np30 is great for what it is; a fairly realistic piano sounding keyboard.  There is a bit of weighting in the feel of the keys but they are quite springy coming up compared to those mentioned above, but are certainly a bit more weighted than a synth keyboard.  What I love about it is that it's very light and doesn't take up much room.  I have no room for an extra piece of furniture, so when it's not being used I can prop it against the wall.  When my son is watching a film I can just carry it to my room, plop it on the bed and have a tinker with it!  Because it's only £85, I feel I'm not too precious with it with my son's rather enthusiastic playing, which I think I might have been if I'd spent £500!  So I think it's great for us just now.  If one or other of us keeps up with it then I would love a p105.  Thanks for your website which is great and very helpful.  If I'm thinking of buying will certainly look again

Review by Eirean Bishop (13/9/2013)


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