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Yamaha NP31 Reviews

1) "Ideal for piano beginner with reasonable investment even if playing piano is only a hobby"

Hello Graham,

Your book on digital pianos was very helpful, thank you.

I bought the Yamaha NP31, I thought it'll be useful for practice for someone who has just taken up learning to play the piano again. I got it from Gear4Music, and you are right, they have very good deals on Yamaha, and other, pianos.

However, the AC adaptor was not supplied. I bought one from Maplins, and after I plugged it in, and before it even touched the piano, it was buzzing and being overall loud. I don't trust it, so will return it.

Review by Justina (16/11/2011)

2) "The sound is superb for the price"

Last Thursday I plumped for the Yamaha NP-31 at £241 and I am astounded by all aspects of this very inexpensive keyboard. I know you recommend spending between £500 to £1000 on an instrument, tending towards the top end of the scale, but my finances would not stretch quite that far. And to be honest, I think I would have needed to have spent several hundred more £ to make much improvement on the NP-31. The piano sound is very good. The default velocity sensitivity is very good too. I have difficulty discerning the number of steps in the sensitivity. Did I count at least five steps?
Yes. the sound is a bit thin from such small speakers and only 2x6W but I can always put it through my amp. and B&O speakers. But the sound is superb for the price and it is only for me to learn on anyway. I am tending to use headphones at the moment so as not to drive everyone mad.
I also invested in the Rocket Piano course which looks superb.

Review by Jon Leighton (23/11/2011)

3) "I can actually carry it with one arm"

I've just received this piano today but already I love it. It's so light I can actually carry it with one arm although it feels pretty "weighty" and sturdy. I am confident in allowing my young children time on it without fear that they will be able to wreck it.
I was a little concerned that the keys would be disappointing after reading that they are quite light compared with an accoustic piano, but they feel solid and the graded touch on them is quite noticable. The voices are realistic and easy to select and the grand piano in particular sounds amazing. I love that the display and controls are simple and easy to use. 

The sound from the in built speakers is pretty impressive considering that they are only 6 watts each but I much prefer the sound from plugging in my multimedia speaker system into the headphone jack – it's a lot "meatier". 

I'm no expert and it's been many years since I played, but I am thrilled with this piano, I can't think of any bad points yet. No doubt a more seasoned player would have a better idea of what to look out for, but I am very happy with my purchase!
Oh, and I bought it from, I chose the silver option as for some reason it was €50 less than the black one – the delivery & service from there was mindblowing. I would no hesitate to recommend them to other people. 

Review by Pauline Brown Castlemartyr, Cork, Ireland (25/08/2012)


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