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Articles about pianos (which ones to buy, brands, types, history etc.), learning and practicing tips, piano care and moving. If you would like to add a piano article free of charge, you can send it by email to: . Articles are normally posted on the UK Pianos site within 2-3 days. If your article receives many views then it may have a chance of appearing in the top ten list.

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Most Popular Articles (Top 9) – Updated Monthly

1) Digital Pianos – Which Brand Should You Buy – by Graham Howard
Ok, you want to buy a digital piano. You've visited lots of music shops and tried lots of digital pianos out. You've been given lots of conflicting advice and don’t know what to do! This article reveals the truth about the famous digital piano brands. Find out how each one rates.

2) Should I Buy a Digital Piano or an Upright Piano? – by Graham Howard
I will give you the right piano buying advice so you can make your own decision on whether the digital piano or the upright piano is right for your needs. Read this article to find out.

3) 5 Ways To Improve Your Piano Playing – by Rene Knops
If you are a piano player looking for piano study tips to improve your piano playing read this article

4) Where Is The Best Place In Your Home To Put Your Piano – by Graham Howard
Could you be destroying your upright or grand piano without knowing it? If it's next to a radiator, a cold draught or an open plan kitchen, beware! Find out all the pitfulls to avoid here.

5) 7 Tips To Learning How To Play Piano Fast – by Graham Howard
These 7 tips will fast track your piano learning and you will see some amazing improvements in only a short time.

6) Rocket Piano – The Best Online Piano Method By Far – by Peter Cullen
Read this glowing report of the Rocket Piano downloadable ebook. This article describes in detail all the major benefits of owning this course. 

7) Piano Lessons – Piano Teacher Versus Online Lessons. – by Hejran Seidova
Should you spend more money and get a proper piano tutor to visit your home or even pay to attend a music school. I think you should always look at the advantages and disadvantages.

8) Get Your Piano Valued – Find Out How Much it is Worth – by Graham Howard
Looking to clear some space in your home? Your large piano has been sitting in your living room for years and is just taking up too much room. Could it be worth anyting? Has it got antique value? In fact – could it possibly be worth a fortune?

9) Private Piano Lessons are a Waste of Money – by Jack Solomon
What you're about to learn in the following article are the advantages and disadvantages of having private lessons and the answer to the controversial statement “private piano lessons are a waste of money”.

When Do You Stop Being A Beginner – by Graham Howard

Are you fed up with being labelled as a beginner? Maybe you're not anymore? Read through this article and you'll find out — FOR SURE.

How To Choose A Piano For Young Beginners
Many piano teachers are dead against digital pianos – especially for young beginners – as this article sets out to explain the reasons why digital pianos are not ideal to learn on.

Never Start With The C Major Scale
An interesting article that goes against most methods of teaching. Alex really has a good point here though about not starting with middle C. Read on and you will see why.

Are Pianists Smarter Than The Average Person
A group of scientists believe they are. A study conducted in Germany on two groups; one of non-musicians and another of pianists, pitted the two groups against each other in a series of challenges.

Playing Piano And Singing At The Same Time
It is difficult to play piano and sing at the same time. A useful exercies is to sing a song while you wash the dishes. This trains the mind to be able to do two different things at the same time.

Why Not Move A Piano Yourself
If you want to tackle the task of moving the family piano — be warned! You better read the following article so you are aware of what you are letting yourself in for.


Piano Care For New Piano Owners – by Margot Hamilton
Congratulations, you have just acquired a wonderful new addition for your home! This new addition will not only add beauty to your home, but will also bring musical pleasure to you and your family.


Tips For Preparing For Your Piano Exam
This article by Christopher Carlin tells you how to practice, handle nerves and prepare for your piano examination from 3 months out. Every student should read this as part of their preparation for a piano exam.

Play Piano – Preparing to Practice – by Ron Worthy
What if you could look at a piece of music for the first time, and play it correctly straight off, just as fine as you please?  How would you feel about practicing then?

Piano Keys – Learn How to Clean or Repair Chipped Keys and How to Tell If Ivory – by Graham Howard
Find out how to clean your piano keys. There are ways of telling if they are made from ivory or plastic. This article explains in detail

5 Year Old Genius Plays Chopin. Could This Be The Next Mozart? – by Hejran Seidova
This is such an amazing story. This boy is proclaimed to be the new Mozart. He has never had lessons but can play one of Chopin's most difficult pieces. Incredibly, his his mother (who is not a musician) didn't even realise he had this special talent.

The Wonder of the Piano – by Sica Delenius
Piano has become an integral part of music. Many musical notes do not seem possible without it. And many notes would not sound as good as they can do on a piano.


5 Basic Ways To Market Your Piano Music Online
This article by Christopher Carlin explains how to go about promoting your piano music online. With the help of the internet, it is much easier – and quicker – to get your piano music heard.


Is It Better to Learn With Sheet Music or By Ear
How do you learn to play piano by ear like the greats do? Do you learn with sheet music or do you try to learn by ear? Find out by more here.

Composing Your First Piano Work
This article is a 'must read' for anyone seriously thinking of composing their own piano music. Mandy Weems talks you through each step and explains each component of composition.

How To Play Piano Efficiently And Easily By Mimicking Professional Piano Players
This article suggest that you can learn to play the piano much more easily by imitating piano teachers and piano players. It makes a lot of sense, but make sure the pianist you are copying uses correct techniques first.

Finding The Right Piano Study Technique
Editors comment/ 10 useful study techniques to get the absolute maximum out of your practice time.

Should You Learn on a Keyboard or Digital Piano
In an ideal world it is best to learn on a grand piano. The grand piano produces the best sound, has more weight to the keys which strengthens the fingers more, and has a faster repetition due to the superior horizontal piano action.

Piano Care
Look after your piano. If you get it tuned regularly (twice per year is ideal) and you keep it in a cool environment with a constant temperaure, away from draughts. It will last a lifetime.

What is The Difference Between Piano and Organ
Find out ALL the differences between the organ and the piano. Jermaine Griggs goes into great detail here.

Piano Songs – Make Them Yourself
A simplified method for creating basic songs on the piano. This skill is important to learn before any other if you wish to compose your own music.

Is The Piano Dead?
Frank Baxter really puts everything in a nutshell! The piano is certainly not dead and never will be!

Rhythm For Piano
Don't neglect learning rhythm on the piano. It is vitally important to learn this skill. Find out the best ways of learning rhythm in this article.

Playing With A Band And The Importance Of Playing In Time
It is important to learn techniques and skills that come with playing along with a band.  A good way to prepare you for playing with other is to learn how to play along with a metronome.

Buy a New or a Second Hand Piano?
Price is usually the main factor in buying a second hand piano. New pianos can be expensive and are a big investment.

Learning Piano Music The Easy Way
A new mathmatical way of learning to play the piano – without the stress!

How To Choose The Right Online Piano Lessons For You
This article runs through all the different ways of learning the piano. If you are serious about learning to play, this article is a 'must read'.

How To Clean Your Piano Keys
This article tells you how to look after your piano's keyboard, how to clean the keys and keep them looking new, and what not to do.

Piano Resources for Children – Finding Musical Recipes for Success at Home
Parents want their children to have the best educational resources available. When it comes to piano lessons, many parents who don’t play aren’t aware of resources available for home use.

Bohemia Piano
The Bohemia Piano is at a level of quality that would make it suitable for both beginners & professional musicians and for hiring purposes. The Bohemia piano (like all other Czech pianos) is considered very reliable and stable.

Why Shouldn't Piano Lessons Rock?
Sometimes parents of piano students don’t want their children to play anything except classical music. And sometimes parents only want their children to play popular pieces, because they think classical music stinks and their kids won’t like it.

4 Tips to learning piano

Online Piano Lessons Will Help You To Play Piano By Ear
Online Piano Lessons Will Help You To Play Piano By Ear – Josh Nelson
There is no time like the present to start learning how to play piano by ear and online piano lessons are the fastest way for you to learn this amazing skill.

Piano Exams – A Guide to Preparation
The day the piano exam arrives can be a very frightening moment. Whether you are seven or seventy, the prospect of going in to face an examiner can be daunting. The piano exam, however, need not be a terrifying experience and in this article I would like to outline a few hints that may help you if you are planning to take one.

Buying A Keyboard
There are many different questions when it comes to buying a keyboard.  How much should you pay? How many keys should it have? and so on. A lot depends on the buyer and their own personal preference. The best way to tell if the keyboard is right for you is…

How a Piano Shop Should Look After Customers
How a Piano Shop Should Look After Customers – by Henry Genry
Why is it that the piano shop's sales assistant always assumes that the customer knows exactly what they want and they think that the customer understands what an upright or acoustic or digital/electric piano is?

The Quickest Way For Adults To Learn Piano
It is important to get your playing technique correct before you tackle chords.

What Does It Mean To Be Musically Fluent?
Is musical fluency a gift? What makes you musically fluent? – by Phil Best.

Thinking Of Moving A Piano Yourself
If you're thinking of moving a piano yourself – think again! It's just far too dangerous to attempt to move a piano, even with helpful friends. Hire a professional piano removal firm is my advice.

Teach Yourself Piano: How To Avoid Piano Lessons Using The 80/20 Principle  – by Sebastian Mitchell
The 80/20 piano method is simple to follow and gets fast results. Find out how to learn a piano piece in less than half the time.

Playing By Ear
One thing that happens quite often with piano is that when someone starts their piano education they are usually taught how to read music first, then to play off sheet music.  So when it comes time to play something that isn't written down they have great trouble. 

Drumming With A Keyboard
Play drum sounds on your keyboard – did you know you can do this?

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Dear Graham Howard,

I do believe you are quite passionate for pianos and appreciate very much your sharing ideas all about pianos so far.
Wish I could read more articles from you, anything about pianos.


Hi Graham

Thanks for your article.  In fact, I've already been doing more or less just that
(without the studying and not playing at first).  Starting with the most
difficult bits does indeed make the rest seem relatively easy, but because
I'm so slow at it I thought I was just a dimwit when it comes to piano. So
it's great to hear you suggesting exactly the same thing.

When I first tried to learn piano (more than ten years ago) I was so anxious
to be able to play that Debussy or Beethoven or whatever that I learned
everything, very slowly, off by heart and then played from memory.  I never
was able to sight-read the music and had to painfully work out every single
note.  I suppose I was largely playing by ear, because I never did get to
grips with anything I didn't already know the sound of very well.  After a
while I gave up, because I was getting nowhere.

But I missed it, so now I'm starting again – this time determined to read
the music, however long it takes.  After all, I can read text, so why not
music?  However, I'm a bit long in the tooth to be starting (I'm just 60),
and my brain/hand co-ordination is not what it used to be, so everything
goes at a slow pace.  BUT, it's paying off, and I can now sit down and play
(very slowly and not at all fluently at first) almost everything in the
books I'm using, which are Level 3 'Classics to Moderns' and 'Alfred's Adult
Piano Course', as well as Rocket Piano.  The one problem with Rocket Piano,
although I think it's a great course, is that the pieces are very dull, and
don't inspire me to learn or persist with them – I'd far rather play Handel
or Mozart!

Still, I try not to be too picky, and I am getting there.  I've also just
bought the Hanon course from Hear and Play, and although I've only just
started I think the exercises are paying off already and will be very, very

Anyway, enough of all that.  Thanks again for the tip – I can assure you it
does work, and I'm so pleased to learn that I'd figured something out which
turned out to be the right thing!!

Cheers, Jill