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Kawai CA15

Kawai CA15 

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Price: Not sold by UK Pianos

Equivalents: Yamaha CLP525, Roland HP504

Top 3 Rated:

1st) Roland HP504 (69 out of 100)
2nd) Yamaha CLP525 (68.60 out of 100)
3rd) Kawai CA15 (64.45 out of 100)

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Kawai CA15 (Rosewood).

Kawai CN33 Cherry
Kawai CA15 C (Cherry)

Customer Comments and Questions

Hi there. Thank you for your articles. What is your opinion on the kawai CA15?
We are a small, brand new primary school in central Manchester, opening in
temporary accommodation in two weeks before moving into a new build school
nearby in Sept 14.

I want a piano which will be good for assemblies in the hall, for our specialist
music teacher to use and also for beginner lessons for year 3 children (7-8 year olds).

Any others you can recommend?

Thank you!

Reply/ Hi George

I would like to recommend you the Yamaha CLP430.
Most schools use Yamaha.
Yamaha pianos are more suited for school use than
Kawai. They’re also more widely used.

The CLP430 has a clearer, more realistic piano tone.
This is to do with the original sampling and speaker sizes.

The Kawai has 2 x 20 watt speakers. The Yamaha
has 2 x 30 watts. So the Yamaha CLP430 will carry
its sound a lot better in a school hall.

The Kawai does has a nice responsive key action,
but the Yamaha feels firmer and more like a real piano.

Let me know if you would like more information.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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