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Join the affiliate programme
and earn 5% commission on piano and
accessory sales you
refer to us!

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What is an Affiliate Program?

You get paid when you link your website to and visitors to your site click
through and make a purchase at our site.

You can get paid a lot: with your
commission will be 5 percent – the highest
commission percentage in the industry!

If a customer buys a digital piano then you could
earn from £20 to £500 on one
sale alone. It can
add up pretty quickly at that rate!

In addition to your regular 5% commission rate,
can earn more…

You also get paid 2% on the second level… This
means that if the person you refer to the
joins as an affiliate, then makes a sale, you get 2%
commission for
their sales too!

We do the hard work of converting potential
customers into sales, collecting the money, and
fulfilling the order.

The cookie lasts for 30 days. This means you'll get
your commission for anyone you send to our site
for up to 30 days.

For example:

(a) You sent someone to our site. They didn't buy
right away, but they came back a month or two
later and bought a piano. You would still get your
full commission.

(b) The customer you sent bought a piano. They
decided to come back later (still within 30 days)
to purchase a piano stool, or headphones. You
will still get a commission for this because it's
within the 30 days.

We handle all customer service and all reporting.

All you've got to do is let your visitors know that is a great place to buy pianos and
accessories on the web, and the money should
begin to flow your way. 

No risk or cost to you… none…

The only cost you have is the few minutes you
will spending adding links to from
your website. You can leave the programme at any
time if you're not perfectly satisfied with the
results. Why not try it?

It's easy to place an order at

Placing an order on our website requires no
JavaScript or Java applets. It does not require a
password or a PhD in physics.

It shows which products are in stock and what
shipping costs will be. And it's quick: it takes
only one or two minutes if you know what you're
looking for.

With other resellers you'd lose commissions due
to the difficulty customers face placing orders

We sell what your visitors want.

You should be able to build your own musical
instrument "store" around our product database
and distribution capacity no matter what your

The more products we have, the more likely we
have what your web visitors are looking for –
and the more likely you will get paid.

You're given powerful tools for success.

You can link directly to any of our individual
products to increase the conversion rate

You'll benefit from our affiliate program simply
by including links to throughout
your website.

However,the best results are likely to come through
sales efforts on your part that lead directly to
specific products on our website. We provide you
with the code to link directly to individual
products. So you get paid!

What you are reading is a marketing document that
has been artfully constructed to arouse your
interested in our affiliate program.

It does not state the legal rights and
responsibilities of the parties to our affiliate

The actual, real deal is set forth in the affiliate
legal agreement itself.

Nothing stated here should be construed to extend,
constrain, alter or affect the interpretation of
that legal agreement, which states the rights and
responsibilities of the parties to the affiliate

As that agreement makes clear, terms of the
affiliate program can be unilaterally changed by
us. We anticipate that from time-to-time we will
make changes in the way the program is structured.

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