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Are Pianists Smarter Than The Average Person?

A group of scientists believe they are. A study conducted in Germany on two groups; one of non-musicians and another of pianists, pitted the two groups against each other in a series of challenges.
The two groups were asked to perform sequences of complex finger exercises or movements. While the exercises were being performed the participants were hooked up to a MRI (magnetic response imaging) machine. The machine was attached to the participant's heads to measure brain response.
What the scientists found was surprising.  Both groups could perform the activities with the same amount of success. However the MRI report showed very different brain responses in the two groups. Simply speaking the pianists could complete the exercises correctly with less brain activation than the group of non-musicians.
From this we can see that piano player's brains are more efficient. This is further evidence that learning a musical instrument can enhance your brain function.


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Article by George Downey



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