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Broadway EZ-102 Reviews

 "The following reviews are from owners of the Broadway EZ-102. The most
 recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "Sometimes you forget that you're playing a digital piano"

This The Broadway EZ-102 is my first piano and i have to say for the price it really does pack a value that is more than three times the price it is an amazing digital piano especially for those begining like me.

The keys do have quite a bit of weight to them to the point where you sometimes forget that you're playing a digital piano. Which is a big factor to me the feel and sound are so realisticly similar to that of an acoustic piano.

Delivery was excellent the driver was very happy to deliver and it was really nice to see smiles all round.

Graham is an just great, really! I would and HAVE recommended a few friends to uk pianos as it's not just the fact that you can rent to buy but it's more because of the service that we receive and this whole experience of buying my first piano has been wonderful.

Review by Jamie Komodo, West Yorkshire

2) "I couldn't be happier with it, great sound and feel"

As a beginner Pianist the decision of what Digital Piano to buy can be very difficult, but thanks to UKPianos and the Howard Score guide, making my decision was made so much easier… Excellent service from the staff at UKPIanos and fast 1-2 day delivery, I got mine next day! I bought the Broadway EZ-102 Digital Piano and I couldn't be happier with it, great sound and feel. A 5 star rating is well deserved for UKPianos, I highly recommend them and the Digital Piano I purchased too.

Review by William

3) "It is a beautiful piano and a lovely piece of furniture"

We are so happy with our new broadway piano, all we have to do now is learn how to play it. Not only is it a beautiful piano it is also a lovely piece of furniture. The service we received was excellent, delivered on time by excellent delivery guys who were so helpful. Would not hesitate to recommend to anybody thinking of buying a piano.

Review by Sharon Foley, Beckenham, Kent

4) "My daughter loves it"

I purchased a piano from uk pianos and it was delivered this Wednesday 23rd – on the day of my little girl's 9th birthday
I visited them the Saturday before and the lady was very helpful.

It is a Broadway EZ102 in white and having managed to get it upstairs to my daughters bedroom to put it together yesterday, she loves it and has started to use it. I chose it as the lady advised it would be sufficient for now as my daughter has only just started piano lessons at school. If needed I will upgrade at a later date depending on how she gets on with her lessons.

Review by Keith Felton, Southgate, North London

5) "Very very good value for money"

I am extremely pleased with the broadway ez102, exceeded my expectations very very good value for money.
Versatile with a reasonable tone.
The service provided delivery etc exceptional.
I would encourage anybody to purchase from UK pianos.

Review by Vyvyan Griffiths, Caerphilly, Glamorgan

6) "I'm delighted with my Broadway piano"

What's Not To Like?
UK Pianos give brilliant deals, outstanding service and fantastic pianos. I'm delighted with my Broadway piano and will treasure it till I 'drop off my peg'.

I'm a rubbish player – I play by ear but have promised myself to re-learn the ability to read music and play 'properly'. I love playing regardless of
my limited skill and I know my piano will give me many happy years. A big 'Thanks' and shout out for U.K. Pianos…you're the business and I would
recommend you to anyone!

Review by Gwen Fautley, Devon

7) "Super amazing!"

The piano is really super super amazing!
Thank you.

Review by David Tralli, Cumberland, Carlisle

8) "I LOVE it!!!"

Everything is fine at the moment and I'm enjoying practicing every day.

Review by Robert Corr, Islington, North London

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