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Casio AP220
Casio AP220 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Casio AP220. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "We preferred the sound / feel / design of the Casio to the Yamaha"

In the end we settled on a Casio Celviano AP 220 BN as although my son plays his current keyboard
daily he is very much a beginner and we did not want to invest in a top of the range model. We looked at several
other keyboard style pianos – and for £50 more we could buy the Casio which was a cabinet piano. In addition, we
preferred the sound / feel / design of the Casio to the Yamaha basic cabinet piano. Although, it wasnt the primary
reason the Casio's cabinet looks classy, not at all old fashioned and would fit in with the decor of a modern

Reading Graham Howard's piano guide perhaps my only concern was the short warrenty and speaker output.

Review by Chrissie Wilkes-Holmes (29/11/2010)


2) "Its touch is a little light, the bass is noticably weak, sounding rather corny, but
actually fine for its purposes"

The parents of my pupil decided to go ahead with the Casio AP220BN Celviano Digital Piano I think mainly because
it was easy and practical in terms of purchase and getting back to the house – it was on sale as well i think. I
know its not the best piano, but actually is fine for its purposes easily does the job for the pupil to learn

Its touch is a little light but good for the pupil because she found my 'hopper' grand yamaha was sometimes too
heavy, especially when playing with third and fourth fingers – i suppose she is six after all.

The bass is noticably weak, sounding rather corny, but I think there was a bass boost button which did help.
Middle and Upper octaves sounded good enough to me.

All in all, she enjoys playing on it alot i'm told – so no obvious problems with build quality, and now the
father wants to learn too!

Review by Greg Thompson (18/12/2010)

3) "I am not getting used to its playing characteristics"

I took a punt and bought the Casio AP220 online,
and I made the fundamental error of not playing some pianos
in stores before deciding on the most suitable one. The AP220 is an entry level model and whilst it does the
job, I am not getting used to its playing characteristics. As the previous reviewer noted, the weighting of
the keys is on the light side – compared to an AP21 I owned for 10

Also, the sound is adequate but not great in my
books – with only 2 x 8 watt speakers. More expensive pianos
will see you get 2 x 20 watt speakers.
I think this piano is more suitable to beginners and children. The more experienced players will find it hard
to adapt to the playing characteristics and for me it is a lesson in try before you buy !
I will probably persevere with it for a few months before I shift it on – and then purchase something more
The AP220 is not a bad digital piano – but definitely play it before you buy to see if it suits you. On the
practical side, it is light, compact size and easy to set

Review by Glen Browne, London, UK (28/04/2012)

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