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Casio CDP120 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Casio CDP120. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano

1) "The casio CDP120 is probably ok for my kid for a year or two but don't think for anything beyond grade 2"

I bought the CDP120 a week ago and had wished i dug a bit more online and would have found your site. quite
frankly, thats all anyone will need to make a proper deicision. Like you say choose carefully and get it right the
first time. Like, many before me, i made the error of buying in the 'excitement'.
Two weeks back we decided to get a piano for my 5 year old daughter. I also have a 3 year old boy so thought
go cheap and cheerful as have young kids runing around flat. Quick look on the internet (you'll be surprised how
often Casio comes up). Walked into my local music store, hit a few keys, sounds ok, keys have weight and bought it
(was too embarrassed to try as i have not played in so many years).

Me and my wife used to play the piano (grade 5 and 8 respectively) but that was 25 years ago.
Took it out in the evening and played. it sounded ok in a flat as cant play too loud but only gripe is the key
action is a bit clunky, you know almost there but somehow not quite. I am sure you know what i mean. the casio
is probably ok for my kid for a year or two and but dont think for anything beyond grade 2.

My gripe, is I now have to buy the Casio stand, decent stool and decent, pedal (which is sustain only) which
will add another hundred odd pounds to the purchase.
My local store was also not the best place to look for a piano. It is a chain music store and suppose popular with
musicians but i should have gone to a piano store like yours where there would be advise from someone who actually
plays the piano. They dont do returns and suggested i use it year or two, ebay it and upgrade then. i am certainly
not going back there.
The CDP 120 is obviously more suited for musicians who need some portability and probably also students on tight
budget and it has a market and serves it well. hence the good reviews.
I just wished i had your guide before as i would have had known of the choices out there. Its amazing that between
the £500 to £700 range, there is so much choice eg. Privia 735, YDP142 etc. although these, may be outgoing models,
am sure they will have better key action as rated by you.
In summary:
Anway, the CDP120 is not all that bad.
Unless you need a portable, its just not that great value (and also you do need to buy stand, stool and decent
pedal). And for not very much more, there is much more choice.

Review by Lee Chong (26/03/2013)

2) "The build quality leaves much to be desired"

I really should have read Graham Howard's digital piano guide first, unfortunately I went by online demo’s and reviews and went and got a Casio CDP120 at the time it was all I could afford, the sound is not to bad but the 4 notes from B4 to D5 have more of an electric piano sound to them which gets very annoying the keys action not to bad but the build quality leaves much to be desired, the keys have very uneven spacing and some have little bits of plastic on the side of the key left over from the moulding process which made a loud clicking sound.

Review by Nick Wilemore (25/08/2012)

3) "What a mistake- it was dreadful"

Unfortunately, on a whim a few weeks ago, I bought a Casio cdp 120 which had sounded good on YouTube.
What a mistake- it was dreadful, I couldn't play it, there was no pleasure and I felt like apologising
to faithful old Roland. There was practically no sustain to talk of, minimal decay and very dry.

Review by Dougie Mcaree (10/10/2013)

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