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"What is today's equivalent of the Casio AP80?"

Good Afternoon Graham

I wonder whether we could trouble you for some advice please.

We are looking for a piano to replace the one our daughter currently uses at
her grandparents; it’s a Casio AP-80. We’re after something similar as she
not only enjoys playing the piano (she’s currently studying for her Grade 1)
but also playing with all the ‘bells and whistles’, different instruments,
songs, recording playback, etc. that this particular digital piano offers. I
believe this model has now been replaced, and with our budget of £500 to
£1000 (preferably mid range), we’d be most grateful for any suggestions you
may have for something similar amongst the bewildering range of digital
pianos available.

Any assistance very much appreciated.

Kind regards


Reply/ Hi Andy

The Casio AP80 was Casio's very best piano about
3-4 years ago.

Today's equivalent is the Casio AP620. The AP620
has similar features, but the technology is
up-to-date, and more advanced.

The place I recommend buying from is Gear4Music.
You can get a good deal on this piano here:

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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"Casio PX7 – what is your view?"

I am looking to buy a digital piano so I can practise without disturbing the
whole house, I also teach sometimes at home and was wondering on your view
on the Casio Previa range (specifically I have the chance of a limited
edition PX-7WE
)  Is there the opportunity for dynamics (the technology
scares me so please excuse my ignorance!)

Any advise you are able to give would be much appreciated to an owner of a
100 year old ivory keyed piano!

Wendy Hill

Reply/ Hi Wendy

The Casio PX7 is surely Casio's best ever piano.

I love the silky smooth feel to the keys. And
the sound is pretty good too.

Too bad it's a limited edition!

You can find out more about the PX7 here:

If you want to buy your piano online, Wendy, but
you're not sure which websites to trust, here's two
that I particularly recommend:

(To get their latest prices for the Casio PX7,
just click on the name below)

Thomann Cyberstore


Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"Casio PX7 or PX730?"

Hi Graham,

I read the whole book. It's really
informative especially for parents like us sourcing
piano for kids yet can't play it ourselves. Now at least we know what to look for. Do
keep up yr good work and I believe yr advises have helped many like us.

Btw, px7 is a limited edition white colour model and really looked good, I may not
getting as a 2nd unit as I've 3 kids practising. Heard it's better than px730. Would u
recommend? Or is px830 much more superior in performance in comparison. Otherwise, I'll

Tks & Best rgds

Reply/ Hi Emma

I really like the Casio PX7.

The synthetic ivory keys make it feel more like
a real piano. It's actually a lot better than
all other Casio models.

I would go with the PX7.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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