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Casio PX350

Casio PX350

Casio PX350

3 Year Warranty included (anywhere in the UK and Europe)
All parts & labour covered, read more

  Classenti CKC5 Dust Cover    Casio Sustain Pedal   Casio Music Rest to hold music books     Casio Mains Adapter      10 Free Piano/Keyboard Lessons
>Includes: Dust Cover, Sustain Pedal, Music Book Rest, Mains Adapter & 10 Lessons
(Colour: Black  |  Code PX-350M)

Price: £499 (including VAT) Free Delivery UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany & Europe.

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Optional Accessories

Keyboard Carry Bag Price £59.97

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Buy a carry bag to protect your Casio PX350, more details
(Thick padding, hard wearing, large pockets, shoulder strap, nametag, 5 year guarantee)

Casio CS-67 Wooden Stand  Price £99

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Casio CS-67 wooden stand for PX350


Casio SP-33 Wooden 3 Pedal Unit For PX350  Price £49.99

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Casio SP-33 wooden pedal board unit for PX350 including 3 pedals


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Dust Cover (Classenti CKC5, waterproof, anti-static, hard wearing, covers top of piano completely, value £14.97)
Casio Sustain Pedal
Casio Music Rest (Holds music books and sheet music)
Mains Power Adapter (Connects straight to your wall socket)
10 Free Piano Lessons
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Owner's Manual (Operating guide in English and other languages, computer operations, how to use MIDI, USB…)

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Casio PX350 Reviews

1) "Price was good and service was clear and courteous"

Hi Graham,
Your advice and the information in your web book was very helpful indeed in helping us to sort out the best electronic piano for our son's birthday. We eventually decided on a Casio Privia PX-350 – which we bought from your shop at UK Pianos. Price was good and service was clear and courteous.
Unfortunately the Piano was a long time arriving, but this seemed to mainly be down to Casio distribution problems with the PX-350 – which was a newley released model.  Goods were well packaged and exactly as described when delivered. We have had the Casio about a month now and are very pleased with it indeed.  My son loves playing the instrument – it sounds great and is a really good compromise between portability, a quality sound and some electronic bells and whistles which he really enjoys improvising with.
The only constructive critisism that I can give is: I had explained when I ordered it that I needed delivery within a week because it was a special present for a birthday, therefore, I would have appreciated some regular follow up email advice that delivery would be late because of Casio supply problems and a realistic estimate of when it would be delivered.  It is not a serious complaint, because I think the overall experience was good and I understand that as a retailer you are not able to do much if the manufacturer hasn't built enough of the machines to meet the demand!
Your unbiased and practical advice was a real help and a factor in choosing to purchase from UK Pianos – keep up the good work!

Review by Mike Whitfield

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"What are your thoughts on the Casio PX350?"

Hi Graham, I am currently just about done with the grade 1 piano lesson I am taking. I am using a cheap Casio CTK-3200 just to get started and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a keyboard until I was sure I liked playing and of course I love it!.

I am looking to upgrade the keyboard and have been thinking about the Casio Privia px-350. Not too expensive and seems to have great sounds,what r your thoughts?

I plan on playing the piano for fun and who knows where that will lead.



Reply/ Hi Derek

The Casio PX350 is certainly a lot better than
the keyboard you currently have.

And it will take you through two or three more
piano grades before you need to upgrade again.

But it’s still rather limited.

The main thing that’ll hinder you is the key touch…

It’s only medium-weighted.

Now, this might not matter so much when you’re
in the early stages of learning, but it’s vital
your piano has a fully-weighted key touch if
you want to progress past grade 4.

There's 3 piano I recommend for you that
are a lot better than the Casio:

Broadway B1
Yamaha YDP142
Classenti CDP1

Take a look at each of those and let me
know if you have any more questions.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"Casio PX350 or Yamaha P105, which is best?"

Hi, Graham,just to say I found your book useful but still can't decide which piano is best for me,and don't need or won't to rush into it.I am a beginning player,at first thought just wanted to learn keyboard but ater over a year of following a teach yourself course  on a yamaha ez 200 keyboard,approx 30 minutes a day,I realise the piano is more like what I want to learn.I find it slow going but am sticking at it,and can play some beginning simple tunesover 1 octave,and am just starting with 2 hands, but realise as I am in a upstairs flat and it is not possable to have an acoustic piano a portable full size portable electric piano maybe the answer.I can't decide between the Casio privia px 350 or the Yamaha p105.A lot of reviews say the casio has a much better feel than the Yamaha though I respect the Yamaha name more,and I get the idea from your booklet that reliability may be an issue with the Casio.I would appreciate highly your advice on this.Thanks for your help up to now,
Regards Mark Dean.

Reply/ Hi Mark

The Yamaha P105 is a better piano all-round than
the Casio PX350.

It has a firmer, more realistic key touch, and a
cleaner piano tone.

The Yamaha also has a  much better resale value.

Also, the P105 is more reliable… we rarely get any  
issues with it.

For anyone learning piano that  needs something
small, lightweight and portable, I recommend the
Yamaha P105 as the best in its category.

The Yamaha is also £100 cheaper than the Casio!

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Main Specifications


Width: 1322 mm
Depth: 286 mm
Height: 135 mm (without stand)
Weight: 11.1 kg
(without stand)
Weight: 21.6 kg (with stand)

Voices: 250
Speakers: (2 x 8 watts)
Speaker Sizes:
13 cm/6 cm (rectangular) x2.5cm x 2
88 keys
Tri Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II
Ebony and Ivory Keys
128 Note Polyphony
1 Pedal (sustain) – optional pedals available
Headphone connections x 2
Stereo Speakers
USB Port
DSP Effect
3 Year Warranty

>> See all specifications

Video of Casio PX350


Broadway B2

>> Compare with Broadway B2


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Casio PX-350 Specs

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> Come and try the Casio PX350 in our North London store (8 parking spaces on forecourt)

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UK Piano Shop in Enfield, North London Casio PX350 on display in our showroom
Plenty of parking (8 spaces on our forecourt)

The Casio PX350 is on display in our North London piano stores.

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