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Casio PX730
Casio PX730 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Casio PX730. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "I am very pleased with this piano"

Hi Graham, I recently purchased the above model from Gear4Music, the standard
of service was excellent. Really getting used to the "feel" now,but I am a little
disappointed with the metronome volume which seems to be rather weak.
Other than that I am very pleased with this piano.One little tip I will pass on to
other potential buyers is, if you already have a keyboard with rythym function,
do not be tempted to sell it as it will be an excellent alternative to the metronome
function on your digital piano.

Review by Martin Grimes (14/07/2011)

2) "There are no major dislikes of this purchase"

The main reason we bought the Casio PX730 is becasue of the size, the piano is for our daughter who has started University and she can put this in her room so she can play whenever she wants. Also she plays classical music and therefore needed three pedals.

We tried the Casio and the Yamaha P95 and our daughter could not find any difference in the touch quality, so therefore price was also an interesting factor. There are no major dislikes of this purchase.
Review by Derek Mace, Worcester, UK (03/01/2012)

3) "I found it very pleasing"

I ended up opting for the Casio privia px 730, which I bought from amazon uk, the seller was excellent,
I purchased before 2pm and the piano arrived the next day, also a free piano bench was included in the price. 

The piano I'm very happy with, I was not looking specifically for something with heavy weighted keys and
some may find the feel of this piano a little light but for me its perfect. I chose this piano for the sound,
i had heard it before and found it very pleasing, and also because I have very little space. 

The piano feels sturdy and it was easy to assemble taking only minutes really. I'm also enjoying the large
book of classical music scores that comes with the piano. On the whole I find the piano easy to use and a
delight to play, and my 6 year old son is liking it very much too.

Review by Adele Jackson (13/02/2012)

4) "My son liked the aesthetics"

Hi Graham,

Your piano buyer's guide was incredibly useful. My son wants to pick up piano again after a few years break (we had a real fight to get him to actually take the Grade 1 exam) after feeling that he really wasn't into guitar after all. Wanting to encourage his artistic side we said we would have a look. We looked at traditional acoustic pianos and decided that even a cheapish second hand one was false economy when you factored in the cost to move it and the cost of constant tuning.

So I thought we would have a look at digital pianos. Wow, what a nightmare. Luckily for us we found your book and it started to make sense. We ended up going to one of our local music shops and listened to the Casio PX-130 and Korg SP170 side by side. In touch and sound they seemed very similar. However, the sound of the Korg SP250 was soooo much richer, and so we also listened to the Casio PX-730. In the end my son felt the aesthetics of the Casio were better and made it feel more like a piano.

We ended up buying a second-hand Casio PX-730. We haven't got it yet, but certainly hope it is the right choice. I do feel fairly confident that we haven't wasted our money. We would never have made such an informed decision without the help of your book.

Review by Pete (13/02/2012)

5) "I have been very pleased with it generally"

I have owned my PX-730 for just over year now and have been very pleased with it generally. For the money it is
excellent value. I have also an old Casio CT-620 keyboard that has given excellent service. The only criticism I have with the PX-730 is why is the metronome function so feeble ? Does any other owner agree with me ?
Any feedback would be most welcome.

Review by Martin Grimes, shrewsbury, UK (23/07/2012)

6) "It is really wonderful!"

Hi Graham,

I finally got my Casio Privia PX730 digital piano. The seller had it on sale and it was simply an irresistible offer, so I decided to get it right away.

It is really wonderful! I know it is not the best digital piano, but for the price I paid I know there was nothing not even closer to it.

Review by Marcos Castro (26/03/2013)

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