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Casio PX830
Casio PX830 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Casio PX830. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

1) "The PX830 keyboard not much difference from the acoustic entry level pianos (x3 more expensive)"

Like all other 1st shopper of pianos you decide the budget. Let me advice one thing to you all,
FORGET IT! If you love music, as soon you start to ear the different pianos you don't remember any more the budget
you had.

I don't play the piano, but I like to consider my self sound educated, and after listen to a
couple of pianos you start to feel the difference. Important don't worry to mush about the technical stuff about
your electronic piano and more about the sound and PX830 DID.

I like a lot the strong, not the common metallic sound and also the other adjustments that you
can do to the sound (besides volumes of course) it's soft and you can really make short, long and tiny music notes.
The PX830 keyboard if really good, for me not much difference from the acoustic entry level pianos (x3 more

This PX830 have the standard finishing in wood and the shinny fancy one , if you want to put the
piano in the living room (for more 300€) you should do the financial effort and for sure much better price than the
Yamaha or Roland of the same sgement.

Paulo Padua Playing His New Casio PX830
Review by Paulo Padua, France

2) "The sound quality is very good"

I bought the Casio PX-830 from a local piano shop (Vienna, Austria). The claviature is heavy
enough (and accepted by my piano teacher), sound quality is very good (even at peak volume), and the
piano is compact enough to fit into my apartment.

Besides, CASIO is the only manufacturer here in Vienna with an in-house repair service (free
of charge during the warranty period). I also looked at other models (Kawai, Yamaha, Roland)
and while they have excellent products, the Casio PX-830 is more suited for my budget and
space preferences.

Review by Guenter, Vienna, Austria (18/04/2011)

3) "I'm not satisfied with it – the key touch is too light"

I’ve just bought a Casio PX-830. I’m not totally satisfied with it
but I had no chance to try it before purchasing.
What’s not convincing is, overall, the too light touch. I may take it back and get a Kawai (as the CL-36, which
is supposed to have a heavier touch) or, if I find some more money (bank robbery?), a Roland DP-990 instead.
Thanks for the very useful support,

Review by Giovanni

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