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Chase Digital Piano 

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Questions on the Chase Digital Piano Make

My 13 year old son has asked for a digital piano for Christmas and as a non-playing parent could I please ask for your advice/guidance.

He has passed his Grade 2 and is currently working towards Grade 3 exam.

Our budget is around £350 which I appreciate in piano terms isn’t a great deal.

We have been looking at the following:

Casio PX700
Chase Digital C8826

Would it be possible for you to advise which would be the better option.  If you are of the opinion that there is a better digital around for the price we are looking to pay your comments would be appreciated.

Many thanks
Lynne Beeston

Hi Lynne

With a budget of £350 the Casio PX110 is really your
best option….

… Besides, the PX700 has been discontinued and the
new model (PX720) is selling for around the £600+ mark.

I haven’t yet seen the Chase digital pianos, so cannot comment on them.

Graham Howard
UK Pianos


What is your opinion of Chase Pianos?

Regards, David

Hi David

The Chase digital pianos are very cheap, which is usually an indication that something is amiss.

I recommend the following digital pianos:

Casio PX110

Good points: cheap.

Not so good points: The sound is a little on the thin side, and the touch is too light and spongy.

Classenti CDP1

Good points: Excellent sound and touch; feels just like a real piano.

Not so good points: Doesn’t have many additional instrument sounds or features.

Yamaha YDP131

Good points: Good sound and realistic touch.

Not so good points: The speakers are quite small and the sound is not as full as the more expensive Yamahas.

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

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