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Classenti CDP2
Classenti CDP2 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Classenti CDP2. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

Classenti CDP2 Reviews

1) "The key touch was perfect, just what I was hoping for"

I've been looking on internet for some time now as I needed to buy a digital piano. I carefully
read all your comments including your guide to buying digital piano which I found extremely
useful, thank you!

After some time I made up my mind and decided to buy Classenti CDP2, the specs sounded good
to me and the fact that it had heavy weighted keys was the major aspect that made me buy this
piano. When it finally arrived I was chuffed, my first digital piano, of course I was excited.
I knew it would be different from the usual upright piano I had and it would take some time
getting used to it. The key touch was perfect, just what I was hoping for.

Review by Jane Bowyer, East Preston, UK

2) "I fell in love with this instrument straight away, and ended up taking one home with me"

I had decided to take up piano playing after a gap of many years, having recently semi-retired. This time I had my heart set on a digital piano. Not knowing much about them, I contacted Graham Howard for his advice on what to look for.

After a few friendly emails, and receiving very helpful advice, I decided to drive from Northampton to Enfield to visit the showroom. There, I was shown the Classenti CDP2, and given a short demonstration. I fell in love with this instrument straight away, and ended up taking one home with me.

It was very easy to assemble, having downloaded the instruction manual from the internet.

Once assembled, this piano makes a wondrous addition to any room, a really beautiful looking, and at the same time very solid, instrument.

To play it is to be transported into another world, the sounds are so authentic. The extras are an added bonus, with just enough not to get too complicated, for instance 5 instrumental voices, various demo songs to listen to, a metronome, and reverb are my particular favourites.
This has given me the enthusiasm to take lessons again, because the Classenti deserves to be played well, and I hope one day that I will be able to do it the justice that it deserves. It will certainly be fun trying.

Review by Alan G Mitchell, Northampton, UK

3) "Great sounds with silent keys from Classenti"

I have received my Classenti CDP2 (Black Satin) two days ago. The piano was ordered online from
I am very pleased with the overall build and design quality of this piano, which beats our expectations. The black satin finish of the surfaces is very nice, the overall design is great.

Playing this piano, you may experience the feelings of playing a real piano, the sounds are fantastic, and the keys are excellent in the sense that they are not noisy. The key weight can be easily adjusted, in normal mode the key weight is very close to that of a grand piano.

The controls are very well optimized, just 4 buttons at the left end of the keyboard and easy to use, select button and press a key and you are there. The user manual is crystal clear and easy to follow.

I would like also to confirm positively all the information I found in the Digital Piano Buyer’s Book by Graham Howard,
book that helped me greatly in deciding which piano to buy.

Classenti CDP 2 is an excellent choice for starters. It has all the features of an advanced digital piano at a reasonable price. For my 4 yrs daughter it was really important to have a digital piano with no buttons and monitors in front of her,
when testing a Yamaha she had the tendency to watch the lights and the monitor instead to concentrate on playing the keys.

The key weight was also a deciding factor in selecting the CDP2, it has keys with weight control and about 5 touch sensitivity levels, essential features which can be found in the much more expensive pianos. The sounds are nicely reproduced from a Classenti grand piano using a technology available only in the more expensive digital pianos.

The sounds I get using the CDP2 seems to me being much better than the sounds from the demo video from the web page of the online store. For me, an alternative to CDP2 would be Yamaha CLP320 or Kawai CN32, but must see the difference in price.

The price was not the deciding factor in buying this piano. In fact I was afraid I would buy an expensive piano that may not be satisfying for the practice of my daughter. It seems that Classenti CDP2 is beating my expectations and again it is an excellent choice for starters.

In mean time, everybody in the family wants piano time.

Thanks to Graham Howard and UKPianos for their nice service.

Review by Adrian Vasilescu, Quebec City, Canada 01/07/2010

4) "I was amazed that an electric piano could have such a natural and realistic sound"

The feel and sound of the piano was exactly like an acoustic piano. I was amazed that an electric piano could have
such a natural and realistic sound. The variety of different sound effects that are available are extremely realistic
and greatly add to the enjoyment ofplaying the piano. I have not got any negative comments on the piano as it
is just perfect for my needs.

Review by Michael Fogg, Bisley, Woking, Surrey, UK (20/07/2010)

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5) "I have compared it with a Yamaha model that my friends have, and I would rate the Classenti as superior with a less tinny and fuller sounding note"

Dear Graham

My husband (Dominic) bought me a Classenti CDP2 from UK Pianos for my birthday and I am absolutely delighted with it. I have not tried many of the fancy features as I am simply satisfied with the sound of a traditional piano and the Classenti certainly gives me the authentic feel and sound I was hoping for. I have compared it with a Yamaha model that my friends have, and I would rate the Classenti as superior with a less tinny and fuller sounding note.

As a little girl I always wanted to learn the piano but fortunes meant that I settled for teaching myself on a small keyboard, now, as an adult I am already making great progress and am looking forward to finally taking some proper lessons and fulfilling a childhood dream.

Thank you for helping Dominic with the purchase, your advice was definitely worth it.

Review by Victoria Grace, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, UK (05/08/2010)

6) "Not only does it look superb, but the sound is excellent too"

After spending many days perusing the internet in search of a piano keyboard and becoming quite bemused,I came across UK PIANOS CO UK and found some very interesting facts all about piano keyboards by Graham Howard. It certainly gave me good insight as to how to procede to find the right keyboard for me. I contacted Graham and after having excellent advice , decided to buy a Classent CDP1 .But,after listening to the Classenti CDP2 , I decided to buy that model instead.

A month ago my Rosewood Classenti arrived.Not only does it look superb,but the sound is excellent too.It is many years since I played the piano being aged 32 when I started learning.I was extremely fortunate to find a lovely elderly lady tutor,actually a professor of music.She brought me to a very high standard and I would love to achieve that same standard once more. .I now practice most days for 2 hours and all my good teaching is returning.

I owe many thanks to Graham for the good advice and excellent way my piano was packed and delivered.

This piano is a special present from my family.One is never too old to play.Age is just a number.I should know as I have just turned 80.

Review by Madge Schofield, Keighley, West Yorkshire (07/05/2011)

7) "Graded hammer action and touch sensitivity are good – Manual could be better presented though"

As a piece of furniture it looks very fine in the room I've put it in (cherry was absolutely the right choice).
The graded hammer action and touch sensitivity are amazingly good. So too the sound quality of the piano,
harpsichord and organ voices – the ones I'm mainly interested in.

I haven't tested all the functions systematically yet and I've no plans to do so in the near future.
I'm really not at all concerned with recorded songs, etc or midi connections. The headphones are excellent.
The assembly was pretty straightforward, though the friend helping me had to retap the two bolt holes
securing the Back Board at the top.

The alignment of the pre-drilled holes, etc was spot on. I've still no idea what the long-shafted handle
bolt included with the other bolts and screws is supposed to be for. Apparently not for the music rest.
The Manual could be more professionally presented. In particular, the Midi Note Numbering Chart on p 18 –
which is essential for navigating around the piano's functions – is faint and difficult to read, though
once you realise C3 is Middle C, it all follows neatly enough.

I've actually supplemented the Chart with a much clearer version taken from the Internet and modified
to reflect the Classenti octave numbering.
All in all a very satisfied customer so far.
Review by Jim Maclean, Isle of Skye (14/06/2011)

8) "The weight of the keys is so realistic to an upright and the sound is so mellow"

My Classenti CDP2 was delivered Saturday 2nd July 2011 in the evening, thank you for the personal delivery service.
Having read "Graham Howards" things you should know about pianos, thank you Graham for the booklet it was a great help to me. I was still dubious about ordering a piano without trying it out, but I can now say after recieving my Classenti CDP2, that I am more than happy with my purchase. The weight of the keys is so realistic to an upright and the sound is so mellow and nice to listen to that I am more than happy with my purchase.
I had over the years looked at Kawai, Yamaha but found that the touch I wanted would have cost me a lot more than my new Classenti CDP2. Maybe an extra £600-£1000. who knows, I'm just happy with my new piano.
Not only that with a 3 year warranty, who's complaining. Well not me.

Review by Patrick Hitchmough, Stourport on Severn, England (13/07/2011)

9) "The Classenti Digital Piano CDP2 is everything that your web said it would be"

Hi David,
We can't thank you enough for everything that you and your delivery team did to help to make our Daughter's birthday surprise special.
The service that we received could not be improved upon. You and your delivery team went out of your way to ensure that the piano was delivered and assembled in time for her birthday. You kept us up to date on the day it was being delivered and made sure that when
either you or the delivery team contacted us you did not "let the cat out of the bag" by accidentally speaking to the Birthday girl. The delivery men checked with us that the coast was clear before attempting to unload the van.
The surprise and excitement on our daughters face said it all.
The Classenti Digital Piano CDP2 is everything that your web said it would be.
Thanks again for all your help.
Review by Elsa and Mark Bromfield (19/10/2011)
Email me: elsa.bromfield{AT} for more information.

10) "The keys feel similar to an acoustic piano"

Had the piano for one week. It was fairly easy to assemble, although the screw that fits under the pedal wasn't mentioned in the assembly instructions. It was discovered in the main booklet that I downloaded.
I am very pleased with the piano. It fits in well at home.

The sound is good. The keys feel similar to an acoustic piano. There aren't lots of flashy lights to distract. Operating the demos and the different voices is easy to do.

As yet I have not tried using it with my computer, so I can't comment on the ease of that.
My only criticism is that the music stand could do with being a bit taller to give better support for sheet music.
However I have enjoyed my first week with the piano and look forward to many years of pleasure with it.

Review by Elaine Bell, Brockdish, Diss, UK (09/12/2011)

11) "The matter is now resolved and the money back in my account"

I wanted a family piano and the Classenti CDP2 is living up to that promise. Early days yet but it's
reassuring to know that if I/we do uncover anything discordant then it can be sorted under the terms
of the warranty and in my own home.

I also wanted a portable and bought a P1 which apart from a dead key and missing music rest was a delight
to play. I should however have payed more attention to the specs. as it was too heavy for me to comfortably
move around on my own. Some what embarrassed I rang UK Pianos and was able to arrange to return it for a
refund, obviously less the cost of carriage.

The Lady on the phone was so pleasant, helpful, patient and reassuring, that she has turned what for me
was a potentially stressful situation into it's opposite. The matter is now resolved and the money back
in my account – from this experience I have no hesitation in recommending UK Pianos as a 1st choice firm
with which to do business.

I can also recommend the CDP2 as a functional family digital piano and an attractive piece of furniture.

Review by Martin J. Deen, Bath, Somerset, UK (27/02/2012)

12) "My daughter loves it & is on it all the time!"

We are now the proud owners of the CDP2. My daughter loves it & is on it all the time! Even my older daugher is now teaching herslef to play & uses it alot.
I am sure they will have hours of fun on it.

Review by Tracey Newman, Longlevens, Gloucester, UK (28/06/2012)

13) "The tone and touch are very similar to a real acoustic piano"

Very pleased with my new Classenti CDP2 so far, the tone and touch are very similar to a real acoustic piano.
I haven't tried out all the features yet but have listened to the different instruments via the Voice button and they sound very realistic. The only difficulty I have is making out the numbers of the piano keys on page 18 of the manual – perhaps the numbers could be enlarged slightly, or maybe it's my eyesight!

Review by Sheena Robertson, Kirkintilloch, Scotland (06/07/2012)

14) "An attractive addition to the living room"

I am very pleased with my digital piano (CDP2). I like the weighted notes and rich sound. I am working through the book of instructions, which could be clearer. No doubt it will unravel its mysteries in time.
The headphone accessory is very beneficial and allows me to practice in peace!
I am also pleased with the aftersales service. My initial order was returned as there were minor quality matters. These were resolved promptly by David Morgan who provided an immediate replacement.
The piano is an attractive addition to the living room and its prescence gives one the motivation to lift the lid and start playing.

Review by John Cowell, Cardiff, UK (23/07/2012)

15) "A perfect instrument for any piano lover or early starter"

This CDP2 digital piano is a joy to play, it's just like the real thing and the sound indistinguishable from the real thing to! The keys are nice and heavy which you will get used to and its just the perfect finish to a hall or living room as its ebony finish is clean and very nice to look at.

What your looking at here is a perfect instrument for any piano lover or early starter, or maybe your looking for a family piano? whatever the reason this is perfect for anyone.

Review by Desmond Murray, Isle of Dogs (12/10/2012)

16) "I am loving it!"

I bought a classenti Cpd2 from UK pianos and had it delivered last Saturday. I am loving it!

Review by Andrew de cruz, South East London (12/03/2013)

17) "I am very pleased with it"

The information I had from Graham helped me a lot when I wanted choose an electric piano suitable for my needs. His service was prompt and informative, he was available on the phone to answer my questions and
the delivery of my piano, Classenti CDP2 polished rosewood went off without a hitch. I am very pleased with it.

Anne Price Classenti CDP2 Review
Review by Anne Price, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, Wales (21/03/2013)

18) "Well received by my son – and has been in constant use since its arrival"

Hi Graham,

The piano I bought was for my son as a replacement for our well loved and long serving Korg which having been used by my three children for lessons then served as a much loved and played instrument by my eldest son,
finally giving up the ghost after it was used to accompany his quartet who sang at my daughters wedding. It was really missed and so I set about looking for a replacement and after being in correspondence with you.

I finally purchased a Classenti cdp2 piano and stool as a christmas present for my son. Although it did not have as many extras as the Korg it was nevertheless well received by my son and has
been in constant use since its arrival. He now has his own home and the piano was first in and an integral part of his furnishings. I would definitely consider purchasing another piano from you in the future.

Review by Mary Chinnock, Pontypridd, South Wales (22/03/2013)

19) "The most unusual and rewarding purchasing experience"

From beginning to end, this was the most unusual and rewarding purchasing experience. First there was Graham's brilliant, free guide to choosing and buying a digital piano (something that few of us have done before).

Then there was lots of individual advice on technical queries.

Finally, after comparing the market, there was help to secure a good deal with UK Pianos. There was no pressure at all to buy from UKP – it simply happened to be the best option.

The icing on the cake was when, having put in an order, a sale was announced. I then realized I could have had a more expensive model at the sale price for not a great deal more than the lesser model I had ordered. A telephone call later, with no hassle at all, the friendly person in the call centre had switched my order to a more advantageous deal. What more can a buyer ask for?

Review by Rodney Cox, Newton Abbot, Devon (24/03/2013)

20) "It is reasonable in price"

Uk Piano's is a great store with a wide range of piano's, catering for all levels and abilities. It is reasonable in price. My piano came in a variety of colours which fitted in as part of my furniture, beautifully. Staff were very helpful, especially Graham.

I am really happy with my recent purchase.

Shahida Akbar Classenti CDP2 Review
Review by Shahida Akbar (25/03/2013)

21) "First class service"

First class service and prompt delivery.

Review by David Hall, Bridgewater, Somerset (26/03/2013)

22) "It feels and sounds like the real thing."

Bought the Classenti CDP2 in black satin.
Am really pleased with the piano and rings true with what Graham says from his review.
It feels and sounds like the real thing.
I am trying hard to find more time practice as its such a huge step from my
previous Yamaha keyboards which I have now discarded.

Once again, thank you Graham.

Review by C Choong, London SW8 (25/03/2013)

23) "It plays beautifully, my daughters love it"

Hi Graham,

I received my piano in good time and as scheduled. I settled for Classenti cdp2 based on your prompt and sincere advice for a piano for my daughter. 
The piano makes a beautiful addition to my living room, it plays beautifully, my daughters love it.

Thank you very much for your help and best regards

Review by Lola Omisore, Milton Keynes (04/06/2013)

24) "Our family will get hours and hours of enjoyment out of this purchase, worth every penny!"

Hi Graham,

Thank you for the great service you provide. I absolutely love my new Classenti cdp2, my only regret is that i didn't get one sooner and I've lost valuable practise time! The tone it produces is warm and it sounds and feels so much like an upright piano it's amazing! Also no tuning required and much more portable. I chose this piano as it will serve my family well up to grade 8 and beyond, and it has the cover over the keys for when it is not in use (I wanted that as I have young children so to avoid spillages). It is very affordable too, compared to upright pianos. In a nut shell, I love it. It's definitely a welcome addition to our family. The service you provide, Graham is brilliant. Starting with your website which is full of positive and honest reviews, and then your free book about digital pianos which I downloaded, is so informative and really helped me decide which piano to go for. You did a fantastic deal for me which I thank you for, and I can honestly say that our family will get hours and hours of enjoyment out of this purchase, worth every penny not a doubt! If you are considering this piano or wether to buy from ukpianos, then go for it -you won't regret it.

Julie Lawrence with her new Classenti CDP2

Review by Julie Lawrence, Pinner (09/10/2013)

25) "Girls now play every night"

Dear Graham

I can’t thank you enough for all your help in choosing the right digital piano for us. You comprehensive piano review was exceptionally clear and easy to use and your personal advice invaluable.

We ordered the Classenti CDP2 piano in polished ebony from UK Pianos on Thursday and it arrived on Friday – faultless service throughout and my girls now play every night. Who knows, I may even take lessons –
I’ve only been promising that for the last 30 years or so!!

Thank you once again Graham; I will be recommending you to anyone who wants to buy a piano.

Review by Nick Maslin, Middleton-on-Sea (10/10/2013)

26) "The sound quality is outstanding"

Dear Graham,

Thanks very much for your advices on the day we visited your shop. I was ever so nervous on the day since I haven't touched a piano for a very long time. And your patience was dearly appreciated.
Apologies for this belated reply as I have not had a chance to sit down properly in the last few days!

The Classenti CDP2 stands true to its promises in many aspects and I am very pleased after having played it for a few times since its arrival.
The key touch is a very realistic imitation to that of a real piano (other than being a little slippery on the black keys but I suppose that is to be expected for almost any digital pianos) and the sound quality is outstanding for a digital piano.
I'm sure I will enjoy spending a lot of time with it in the future and am so glad that I will be able to pick up piano playing again after almost 20 years!

Review by Ying Qiao, London (27/01/2014)

27) "We recommend UK Pianos for breadth of knowledge and quality of their service"

We recently received a Classenti CDP2 on a rent-to-buy arrangement from UK Pianos.
Graham's guide to buying a digital piano was very helpful as we thought about what
we wanted from a new instrument.

Email questions were answered promptly and honestly giving the impression that
helping us find the right piano was more important than securing a sale.

Once we were able to identify the piano we wanted, UK Pianos were happy to hold it
until the right time (it was a present) and then delivered it on schedule.

We were also pleased with the different finance options available which are enabling
us to spread the cost. So far we have been very pleased with the Classenti CDP2, which
is being enjoyed by two relatively new learners and one more advanced (to Grade 4) pianist.

We happily recommend UK Pianos for the breadth of their knowledge and the quality of their
service, especially to those looking to buy a digital piano and are not sure where to start.

Review by Ashley Lovett, Grays, Essex (29/05/2014)

28) "I highly recommend UK Pianos as a retailer and Classenti as a digital piano brand"

Excellent helpful, friendly and fast after sales service!

I bought a Classenti CDP2 from UK Pianos. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The weighted touch is excellent.
I personally prefer the piano sound to that of yamaha electric pianos, and it comes with a long warranty period.

I just used the warranty after 2.5 years to replace a slightly wobbly power connection, and the service with UK Pianos
has been excellent – fast, friendly and responsive to all my questions.

Would highly recommend UK Pianos as a retailer and Classenti as a digital piano brand whole heartedly!

Review by Yasmine (07/12/2014)

29) "We selected a Classenti CDP2 because it has a lovely tone"

Returning to music in later years it a bit daunting – all those talented young people doing far better than we ever did. A key step in this return is the selection of a digital piano which is right for us, that is not too daunting in its approach, has a good tone and features and it capable of coping with our long term aims.
I am fortunate in that I live fairly near UKPianos in North London so I was able to take my wife with me to select a suitable instrument. We entered as 'just browsing' and came out unexpectedly the owners of the perfect instrument for our home. Jack was good and attentive and we were surprised and delighted to see young people coming into the store after school who were clearly welcomed and not treated as nuisances.

We selected a Classenti CDP2 because it has a lovely tone and, unlike so many other digital pianos, all its digital switching was hidden away so that it looked just like a non-digital instrument. Not for us the Spinal Tap "turn it up to eleven" mix of controls.

What made purchasing from UKPianos a truly first rate customer experience was the depth of knowledge and messaging from Graham Howard. This was not a faceless multinational depot moving product from its warehouse into people's homes. It was a UK business with ambition to provide first rate customer service to its music loving customers, good prices and thoughtful attention. It wanted to build customer relationships so that customers come back again and again.

I hope to return to UKPianos when I play better to get my next instrument. Probably in two years time.

Alistair Bruce Kelman Classenti CDP2
Review by Alistair Bruce Kelman, Hendon, London (15/03/2015)

My classenti arrived promptly and the delivery team were very professional and impressive.

Thank you!
All the best,

Review by Tessa Wilkie, Holborn, London (21/07/2014)

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