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Classenti CKC3 Keyboard Dust Cover (Ideal for most 76 key keyboards and pianos)

…It's waterproof, anti-static and tough!… It covers and protects the whole of your keyboard's top

Classenti CKC3 Keyboard Cover




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Width (left to right) 120cm / 47 inches
Depth (front to back): will fit keyboards/pianos with a depth between 35.5 and 52cm (14 to 20.5 inches)
Height (top to bottom) 60 mm / 2.4 inches

The Classenti CKC3 cover is designed to:

 Protect your keyboard from dirt, dust, drink spills, scratches, knocks or accidental damage.

 Prolong the life of your keyboard.

 Eliminate static electricity build up; therefore completely eliminating any fire risk.

You Get:

 5 Year Warranty

 60 Day Return Policy

The Classenti CKC3 is made from an anti-static, completely waterproof, solid vinyl material (this is very important – don't buy a keyboard cover that is not anti-static AND waterproof). The anti-static material eliminates the build up of static electricity and repels any dust settlement. It will also protect your keyboard from dirt, dust, drink spills, knocks, scratches or accidental damage. The CKC3 cover fits over the whole of your keyboard's top.

It's great for covering your piano when you have a party. You know people ALWAYS put their drinks on your piano! Well, with the Classenti CKC3 key cover you don't have to worry. The waterproof material stops liquids from spilling on, or even worse, IN your piano. And, if someone does place a hot cup of tea on top of your piano, then it won't leave a ring mark.

If sticky drinks spill on the keys then you could be in for a VERY expensive repair bill. Liquid will certainly drip down onto the electronic parts and contact rubbers which are located underneath the piano keys. With the CKC3 keyboard cover you are protected!

This transparent keyboard cover is made from high quality vinyl sheets; which prevent all types of liquid from penetrating your keyboard. What's more, it's extremely hard wearing and will protect your instrument and prolong its life. All edges are bound and sewn.

It's better to buy a see-through keyboard cover rather than a black one: Clear dust covers prevent the possibility of leaving your keyboard turned on when not in use, because you can see if the lights are on. You don't want to leave your keyboard on for too long, as it can overheat and cause damage to the electrical components inside.

Will It Fit My Keyboard?

All keyboard models listed on this page will fit the Classenti CKC3 cover. We're 100% confident.
If it doesn't, then send it back for a full refund including carriage costs.

Suitable for:

Korg Triton, Extreme 6, PA1X, PA60, PA80, Karma, Triton Extreme 61, Triton Studio 61

Yamaha DGX200, DGX202, DGX203, DGX205, DGX220, DGX300, DGX305, PSRS710, Tyros, Tyros2, Tyros3, Tyros4

Casio LK73, LK80, CTK711, CTK811, CTK930, MZ2000, WK1200, WK1300, WK1350, WK1500, WK6500, WK7500

Gem Genesys, Genesys Pro, PRP6, RP6, WK2, WK2000HD, WK2000SE, WK3, WK4, WK6, WK8, WS2, Wx2

Ketron SD1, SD5, X1, X8

Roland E500, E56, E600, E70, E86, E96, EM2000, EP7, EP760, EP77, G600, RD200, VA5, VA7


Width (left to right) 120cm / 47 inches
Depth (front to back): will fit keyboards/pianos with a depth between 35.5 and 52cm (14 to 20.5 inches)
Height (top to bottom) 60 mm / 2.4 inches

Here is a complete list of keyboards that this cover will fit:

If you can't see your keyboard model here,  Call 020 8367 2080 for help.


Alesis QS7
Alesis QS71
Alesis Quadrasynt


Casio CK30
Casio CPS7
Casio CTK711EX
Casio CTK811EX
Casio CTK930
Casio HTX10
Casio HTX50
Casio LK73
Casio LK80
Casio MZ2000
Casio WK110
Casio WK1200
Casio WK1300
Casio WK1350
Casio WK1500
Casio WK6500
Casio WK7500


Emu Emax2


Farfisa F5
Farfisa F6


Fujiha D9

General Music (GEM) 

General Music Equinox 61
General Music Genesys
General Music Genesys Pro
General Music PRP6
General Music RP6
General Music WK2
General Music WK2000HD
General Music WK2000SE
General Music WK3
General Music WK4
General Music WK6
General Music WK8
General Music WS2
General Music Wx2

Gold Star

Gold Star GS1000
Gold Star GS900


Hammond XB1
Hammond XB2
Hammond XK1
Hammond XK3


Ketron SD1
Ketron SD5
Ketron SX3000
Ketron Vega
Ketron X1
Ketron X8
Ketron XD9


Korg CX3
Korg Karma
Korg N364
Korg PA1X
Korg PA60
Korg PA80
Korg PA800
Korg Trin.Plus
Korg TrinityV3
Korg Triton Extreme 61
Korg Triton Studio 61
Korg Z1
Korg i3
Korg i30
Korg iS35
Korg iS40
Korg iS50
Korg iX300


Kurzweil K2000


LAG Le Key


Lionstracs X76


Nord Lead Compact
Nord Lead Electro2
Nord Lead Stage 76


Oberheim MC1000(76)


Orla CH76
Orla PK400


Roland E500
Roland E56
Roland E600
Roland E70
Roland E86
Roland E96
Roland EM2000
Roland EP7
Roland EP7-IIe
Roland EP75
Roland EP760
Roland EP77
Roland G600
Roland KR33
Roland KR55
Roland RD200
Roland VA5
Roland VA7
Roland VK7
Roland VK8
Roland Vima RK100


Solton MS50
Solton MS60
Solton SD1
Solton SG1
Solton X1
Solton X8


Technics KN7000


Wersi KF2D
Wersi Pegasus


Yamaha DGX200
Yamaha DGX202
Yamaha DGX203
Yamaha DGX205
Yamaha DGX220
Yamaha DGX300
Yamaha DGX305
Yamaha EX7
Yamaha Piaggero NPV60
Yamaha PSR6000
Yamaha PSR9000
Yamaha PSRGX76
Yamaha PSRS710
Yamaha QS300
Yamaha Tyros
Yamaha Tyros 2
Yamaha Tyros 3
Yamaha W7
Yamaha YFP70
Yamaha YPP100
Yamaha YPP50

If you can't see your keyboard model here,  Call 020 8367 2080 for help.

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