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Classenti Digital Piano Videos

CDP1 Piano Videos

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Crystal Piano Video


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CDP3 Piano Videos


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P1 Portable Piano Video By Russian pianist, Hatira Gurbanaliyeva


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Q/ "Why is the action on the Classenti digital piano so realistic?"

A/ After years of research and development, Classenti has patented a new piano action mechanism called “Real Hammer Action Mechanic With Adjustable Action Point”.

In plain English, this really means: The moving parts that are connected to the piano key have been designed to feel exactly like a real piano.

Q/ "Do you have any idea how the Classenti CDP2 and CDP3 compare for resale prices if we might want to upgrade after say 2 years?"

For instance, if we were to buy another piano from you and they were in good condition, what would you buy them back for? (this is not a meant to be a commitment on your part, but just to get an idea comparing them).

A/ Classenti digital pianos have got a good resale value.

A two year old CDP2 should sell for between 70% and 80% of the price you paid for it. A two year old CDP3 should sell for between 65% and 75% of the price you paid for it. This is assuming you keep it in good condition, of course. If you want to upgrade to an upright piano later then we would offer you an attractive part-exchange price.

Q/ "I have been thinking about the classenti but would be nervous about buying without trying it first. Do you know of any stockists in Dublin Ireland by any chance?"

A/ There aren't any stockists of Classenti digital pianos in Ireland.

Classenti digital pianos can only be purchased online. Classenti offer a '60 day money back if you're not satisfied' guarantee. This way you can try the piano out in your home without commitment.

Q/ I'm interested in the Classenti CDP3 Polished Ebony digital piano. 

Please could you give me some more information about how the 5 year warranty would work as we are in Glasgow. Also please could you let me have some more details about the 0% finance deal that you offer.

A/ The 5 year warranty is from us. If you had a problem then all you would need to do is call us. We would then send a technician to your home to sort it out. We have many technicians in the Glasgow area. So it would be very easy to arrange this.

With the finance deal you would need to pay 50% of the piano's price. The remaining can be spread over 6, or 12 months interest free. If you would like to discuss this further then please call us on 020 8367 2080.

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