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Classenti GR1i Digital Baby Grand Piano (polished ebony or polished white)
88 full-size touch sensitive keys with fully-weighted, graded hammer action

Classenti GR1i baby grand digital piano in polished ebony

 Classenti GR1i Polished White 1  Classenti GR1i Polished White 3  Classenti GR1i Polished White 4  Classenti GR1i Polished White 2a

 FREE 5 Year Warranty included
All parts and labour covered.
We come to your home, read more.

Colour: Polished Ebony (Pedals, hinges, prop, lyre columns, stays
and hardware are chrome)
— The GR1i is also available in polished white (see below) —


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Discontinued December 2015, replaced by Classenti DG1


Availability: Discontinued December 2015, replaced by Classenti DG1

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1) "The sound of the piano is really good"

I bought a Classenti GR1i digital baby grand.

The delivery guys were absolutely brilliant, they put the piano together and positioned it, they really could not have been more helpful, it made me feel that I have chosen the right product.
The sound of the piano is really good and I am so happy with the choice.

Thank you to all of you in the team!

Review by Mary Lawrence, Dunton, Essex (11/02/2014)

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— Polished white also available (see below) —

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Delivery info: The GR1i is delicately delivered and assembled by our team of professional piano movers. Delivery includes assembling the piano, installation and removal of all packaging. We will also place it in the room of your choice, plug it in, and test it.

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  Polished Ebony Wood Close Up 
Close up of polished ebony finish

You Get:
 FREE 5 Year 'at home' Warranty (Covers all parts and labour for 5 years.
Repairs carried out in your home). Read more

Digital Piano GuaranteeThe Classenti GR1i comes with a 5 year 'at-your-home', parts and labour warranty.
This means a technician will come to your home if any repairs are needed.
There is no cost to you… And you won't have to send your piano anywhere.

 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (If it's not as good as you expected then we'll collect it
at no cost to you).
 Read more

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Other Colours

Classenti GR1i Polished White (Superior high gloss finish)

Classenti GR1i baby grand digital piano in Polished White



 FREE 5 Year Warranty included
All parts and labour covered. We come to your home, read more.

Colour: Polished White (Pedals, hinges, prop, lyre columns, stays
and hardware are chrome)

  Discontinued December 2015, replaced by Classenti DG1


This piano is also available on Rent-to-Buy, Click here for details.

Classenti GR1i Features

FREE 5 Year Warranty
60 day returns guarantee
Headphone jacks x 2
88 full size keys
Fully-weighted, touch sensitive keys (5 dynamic levels)
Graded hammer action
Speakers 2 x 50 watts (stereo)
4-way speaker sound system: 2 x 7 inch, 2 x 2 inch
3 pedals (Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain)
23 Voices
128 note polyphony
USB (USB midi interface)
MIDI in/out

Audi in/out
Record and play back
Keyboard split
Master volume control
LED Display
Master tune
Song sequencer (up to 4,000 notes)
Simplified control panel located on the left side
Made in Indonesia

Colours: Polished Ebony, Polished White
(Chrome fittings: Pedals, hinges, lyre columns and supports, stay, speaker covers)

Piano Dimensions:

Width: (left to right) 140cm (55.1 inches)
Depth: (front to back) 86cm (33.9 inches)
Height: 79.5cm (31.3 inches)

Music rest height: 18.5cm (7.3 inches)
Music rest length: 80cm (31.5 inches)
Floor to bottom of keybed (leg room measurement): 63cm (24.5 inches)

Weight: 70 KG


Digitally sampled in Japan.

88 Full Size, Fully Weighted Piano Keys

Represents the full 7¼ octave range of an upright or grand piano. The keys are exactly the same
size as a real piano.

Touch Sensitive Keys

The harder you strike the key, the louder it sounds. Gives added expression to your music.

Dynamic Levels: 5. This allows you to play each note at 5 different
volume levels (p, mp, mf, f, ff).

Graded Hammer Action Keyboard

With heavier key weighting in the bass, getting progressively lighter as you go up the keyboard.
This mimics the exact feel of an upright or grand piano.

Control Panel

Simply laid out and easy to use.

23 Instrumental Voices (In addition, each voice can be combined with another. This
creates a total of 45 different sounds)

Grand piano 1, Grand piano 2 (Brighter sound, good for jazz), Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Harpsichord,
Pipe Organ, Pop Organ, Strings 1, Strings 2, Vibraphone, Choir, Honky Tonk, Guitar, Accordion, Orchestra, Music Box

Built-in Speakers

2 x 50 watts – that’s 100 watts stereo amplification!

Record and Play Back

This feature allows you to record your own music. All you need to do is press the ‘record’ button
and start playing. When you’ve finished playing, press the ‘play’ button and it will play back your song. The
recording feature is also compatible with PC music file formats. In other words, you can record yourself in a file
format that can then be transferred to other media (CDs, MP3 etc.)

Built-in Metronome

No need to buy one, it's built-in. Essential for learning how to play in time. You can adjust the
speed to suit the music you are playing.

Voltage Adjustment

The Classenti GR1i has a built-in transformer which allows you to use the piano in any country.
It automatically adjusts to your country's voltage.

Power Adaptor

AC mains adaptor with standard UK plug.

3 Pedals: Sustain, Soft and Sostenuto (gold colour)

Sustain pedal. This is the pedal on the right. On upright pianos it is sometimes
referred to as a ‘damper pedal’. This pedal allows you to sustain any note, or notes, without having to hold the
key down.

Soft pedal. This is the pedal on the left. Pressing this down makes the sound a lot
quieter. It’s very useful when you’re required to play something very delicate.

Sostenuto pedal. This pedal is in the middle. Used mainly by experienced pianists. The sostenuto pedal sustains
only notes that are depressed at the time the pedal is depressed. More proficient players use it when a note, or
notes need to be sustained without being disturbed when the right pedal comes into play.


Three, attractive grand piano style legs. Just like a real acoustic grand piano.


The GR1i has a prop. The prop allows you to have the lid up. Having the lid up increases the
volume and richness of the tone. The prop is in chrome to match the other fittings.

Key Weight Control

Prefer a heavier or lighter touch? No problem, just use the key weight control button to select
from three settings: Standard, heavy and light. The piano’s default setting is standard. The keys remain touch
sensitive on all settings.

Cabinet (Keyboard, Legs, Pedal Lyre and Pedals)
 Looks like an acoustic grand piano!

  • Strong, hard wearing cabinet 
  • 3 pedals (chrome colour) 
  • All hinges and brackets are chrome colour 
  • Easy to assemble or dismantle 
  • Easy to move the piano around 
  • Elegant, stylish, simplistic design. Looks stunning in any home 
  • Black control panel located on the left side
  • Soundboard to add resonance and create a real piano look
  • Available Colours: Polished Ebony, Polished White 

Sound Source

Japanese engineers created the Classenti sound by combining a multitude of tones from the world's
finest concert grand pianos. These engineers didn't just take the sound from one grand piano they took the richest,
most vibrant ones; enhanced them, then came up with a digitally sampled version that's quite unique. I don't know
exactly how they accomplished this, but the result is a clean, piano sound that's incredibly realistic.


2 x Headphone jacks to connect headphones. Two players can play with headphones at the same time.

128 Note Polyphony

This allows you to play up to 128 notes simultaneously (I know you only have 10 fingers, but this
includes notes held down by the pedal).


Connect straight to your computer.


You can connect to your computer and other MIDI compatible hardware. Allows interaction with
piano tuition PC software, and music notation software such as Sibelius, Finale, NotationComposer, MagicScore, MusicTime, QuickScore and many more. If you're into composing
them the MIDI In/Out is a must.

Audio In (also known as 'Line in' or 'aux in')

The Audio-in allows you to connect external music sources (with RCA outputs) such as your PDA or MP3 player.

Audio Out (also known as 'Line out' or 'aux out')

If you want to give a live performance, connect your Classenti piano to your hi-fi system through
the Audio-out (or auxiliary-out).


Change your piano’s pitch to play along with other instruments such as trumpet, clarinet, etc. Or
make some musical pieces more comfortable for singers.


This produces a slight echo on each note to mimic the sound a grand piano makes in a concert hall.

Dual Voice

Choose any two sounds and merge them together… A very nice combination is the piano voice
combined with strings.


Make your piano sound brighter or more mellow.

Master Volume Switch

You can turn the sound right down for late night playing, or up to its maximum for loud

Power Switch

You can turn your piano on or off without having to reach for the mains socket.

More Features:

  • 8 demo songs 
  • 32 practice songs 
  • Sequencer, approximately 4,000 notes 
  • 2 x Headphone jacks to connect your headphones 
  • Simple to use, sleek, black control panel. You can select any sound/function at the press of a button and key

What Else Do You Get?

  • User Manual in English 
  • AC input power adaptor 
  • English 3-pin plug with cable 
  • Pedal lead 
  • Music rest 

Available colours: Polished Ebony, Polished White

Polished ebony is a highly polished, mirror finish. It's vastly superior to any satin finish.
Polished ebony is harder wearing due to there being no edges or joins. Fingers marks and
scratches appear more pronounced though. Polished ebony looks exceptionally smart and
professional. And it will go with practically any colour scheme in your home. It looks
particularly good against wooden floors or oak furniture.

Polished white is a highly polished, mirror finish. It's vastly superior to
any satin finish. Polished white is harder wearing due to there being no edges or joins.

Piano Dimensions:

Width (left to right) 140cm
Depth (front to back) 86cm
Height 79.5cm

Weight: 80 KG

Music Rest Height: 19cm (7.5 inches)
Music Rest Width: 70cm (27.6 inches)
Floor to bottom of keybed (leg room): 62cm (24.4 inches)
Height when full prop in use: 149cm (58.7 inches)

Weight: 80KG (176 pounds)


We assemble and install the piano in your home; put it in the room and position of your choice; plug it in and test it.

More Photos

Classenti GR1i Polished White  Classenti GR1i Polished White 2a  Classenti GR1i Polished White 3  Classenti GR1i Polished White 4  Classenti GR1i Polished White CP  Classenti GR1i Polished White midi

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