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Classenti P1
Classenti P1 Reviews

Graham Howard, Piano Advisor
"The following reviews are from owners of the Classenti P1. The most
recent review is at the bottom of this page", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor

Classenti P1 Reviews

1) "I know Classenti aren't one of the most popular brands but I do think their pianos are as good
as the Yamahas on the same price range if not better"

I received my Classenti P1 without any troubles (just had to wait for it to come in stock), and
it's exceeded my expectations. It's been a week and I can't stop playing it!

I bought the bundle offer from uk pianos and it saved me loads of money. The reason I chose
the P1 is because of the heavily weighted keys, I feel it makes such a difference when playing
digital pianos (also the sound is awesome).

I've been teaching myself for about 2 years now, I play solely by ear but my girlfriend is teaching
me to read music very slowly, I've been playing quite a lot of Einaudi who I love!

I know Classenti aren't one of the most popular brands but I do think their pianos are as good
as the Yamahas on the same price range if not better. Perhaps the reason why they're as cheap
is because they're not as well known. For the price I think it's definitely worth it and I'm extremely
happy with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone buying a digital piano for the first time
for under £500.

Review by Ashley Gya, Northampton, Northamptonshire, UK (19/07/2010)

2) "This model sounds just as good as an upright piano"

I am glad that I took Graham's advice and bought a Classenti P1 digital piano.I used to play a good upright piano many years ago and this model sounds just as good.I like the key weighting ,the authentic sound especially the pianoes 1 and 2.I don't need an all singing and dancing instrument so the simplicity of the P1 is fine.I chose the bundle which was very good value.

Delivery was excellent so to was the easy constuction of the stand.Now that I have discovered the headphone sockets I can play without disturbing my wife.Another advantage with the P1 is that it is portable,it can be easily dismantled with only 4 hand tightened bolts to remove the stand.I would seriously recommend this model to anyone seeking a reasonably priced instrument.

Review by Roger Eden, Southampton, UK (01/12/2010)

3) "I am delighted"

Dear Graham,

I am delighted with my Classenti P1 piano,it does  everything I want. Delivery was excellent and it was easy to constuct the stand.

Review by Raymond (03/12/2010)

4) "I like the piano action and the sound"

My Classenti P1 arrived yesterday. I got it from UK pianos – delivery a bit slow but satisfactory.
I am pleased with what I bought. I like the piano action and the sound. Very pleased to have
88 keys and yet it is not too bulky for my small flat.

I am pleased I got the portable stand that enables me to vary the height.

It should fulfill my expectations of providing an instrument that encourages creativity.
I still need a midi cable and suitable software to go with it.
I'm glad I made the decision. It was the exactly what I needed.

Review by Donald Miller, London E1 (24/11/2011)

4) " I am now the proud owner of a classenti p1"

Popped to uk piano shop today.  Having read all the info I tried some classentis out in the shop today – I am now the proud owner of a classenti p1!!!!!

I'm a lapsed piano player and have also bought it for my children to start learning (the elder is 5 so hopefully will start soon). We are limited on space
so were looking for something as neat as possible and the electronic version gives the added benefit of me being able to play after they have gone to bed!

I also tried the next model up….. As you advise, i also thought the sound was richer and the keys just a little heavier than the p1 and the piano I grew up with

Thanks once again so much for your help! Kids about to go to bed so am about to play in earnest!!!!!

Yours very rustily

Review by Becky Manto, London, SE10 (21/02/2012)

5) "Very pleased"

Bought Classenti P1

Very pleased with the total service, from reviews to delivery of my P1 from UK pianos.

Review by David Higton, Coventry (20/03/2013)

6) "1st Class Service, I would recommend UK Pianos to anyone"

”I found the personal and not corporate feel of the UK Pianos site a refreshing change, it made my assessment of what piano was suitable to my needs and budget very easy indeed. It really bridged the gap in technical understanding that a lot of people may lack when choosing a piano for themselves or their family. The website was really clear and helpful if you're not familiar with Electric and Accoustic Pianos.

The rent to buy scheme particularly appealed to me which gave me the chance to try a piano and decide if it was for me or not – and as it turned out the piano was suited to me and I could count the payments I'd already made toward the final purchase price.

I found Graham and the staff let me have time in the shop to myself with all the models and were on hand if I had any questions but also left me to myself to get to know the piano I was interested in. I can also say that their aftersales service is excellent too as they responded quickly and thoroughly to a couple of minor problems I encountered.

All in all the whole experience was very positive and i'd recommend UK Pianos to anyone who already plays or who is thinking of playing piano as their service is first class.

Lisa Wilkinson Classenti CDP2 Review
Review by Lisa Wilkinson, St Albans (25/03/2013)

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