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Silent Piano System QuietTime GT-2 for Classenti and Broadway Silent Upright Pianos

QuietTime GT-2 silent system for upright pianos

QuietTime GT-2 mini, made in Germany

Compatible with iDevices – Use MIDI on the iPad for fun while learning!
Easy control via touch screen
USB MIDI port, for easy connection to your PC or iDevice
6 Preset Tones: piano x 2, strings, piano and strings x 2
1 User set tone, using your favorite settings
User selectable Start up-Tone
Initiation of recording via pedal
9 new system settings to adjust the system to your needs
Quick save feature for your favorite settings
Adapter for traditional DIN MIDI connectors available as an option
Recording and playback function for one track with 40.000+ MIDI-Events (notes)
128-note polyphony

Available for Classenti and Broadway upright pianos
Tones: Piano + 127 more sounds
QuietTime standard mute rail for upright pianos
Recording and playback function
Metronome with selectable tempos, bar, rhythm and selectable volume levels
Reverb, chorus, dynamic curves, pitch and transposition effects
NEW 2/3rds smaller dimensions: Control front = 12,1 x 1,8 x 3,5cm (B x H x T)
2 headphone connections (3.5-mm jack)
New: Supports up to 3 pedals (center pedal is optional)
New: 10 Demo-songs
88-note optical key sensor system
New: Recording and playback function for up to 40.000+ MIDI Events (notes)

Technical Specifications:

Basic features
QuietTime GT-2 mini synthesizer
Key sensor system
QuietTime standard mute rail for upright pianos
Stereo headphones
Headphones holder

Key sensor rail

88-note optical key sensor system

Sound card

DREAM Dual Digital Sound Processor


NEW: Internal memory for up to 40.000+ MIDI Events (notes)

Connectors / Control elements:

Touch Screen
2 headphone connections (3.5mm jack)
On/Off switch
NEW: Adapter for round DIN MIDI-IN, -OUT and -THRU ports

QuietTime GT-2 mini User Guide
QuietTime Sales Brochure

Questions and Answers

Question/ When the headphones are not plugged in, is this just like a regular acoustic piano?  That is, it's not a digital piano, right?

Answer/ The piano has a lever that switches from acoustic piano to digital. You choose which one you want to use. The Classenti SILENT
piano is a proper acoustic piano with strings, hammers, soundboard, metal frame etc. – exactly the same as the regular Classenti
acoustic piano (model UP-112).

Question/ When the headphones are plugged in, is the piano silent?  Don't the hammers hit the strings?  Does it affect the action or
the tone at all when it's played this way?

Answer/ When you engage the lever the piano switches to the digital version. This is what happens:

1) A metal bar raises between the hammers and strings. This bar stops the hammers striking the strings
2) Under each key is a sensor. This sensor measures how hard you hit the key
3) You will hear through the headphones a digitally recorded version for each note you play

Playing with headphones doesn't affect the action. The keys feel the same as usual.
The piano will always sound the same and be perfectly in tune when played through the headphones.

Upright Pianos

Broadway upright pianos
Classenti upright pianos