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"The most important thing you need from a digital piano when you're learning is a realistic touch. A good piano sound and a minimum of 4 touch sensitivity levels (pp, mp, mf and f) are also important. Other factors such as: dimensions, weight, colour, 'bells and whistles', shouldn't really be a deciding factor in your purchase", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor and Author

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Questions and Comments

"Our Diginova stopped working, but now it works beautifully"

I came accross your site and wished I'd found it 6 years ago.
i wondered if you could advise me. We bought a Dignova TG8826 4 years ago for £600.
Exactly 1 year later the piano stopped working.
When we contacted the supplier we were politely told that it was out of warranty- just-
there was nothing they could do for us.
They very helpfully gave us the number of a piano fixer. Well 2 visits and £400 later
finally we had a piano that worked.
If it was powered off it did not turn on (it didn't seem to like getting cold).
for the last 3 years the piano has been powered on and has worked beautifully.
My husband plays it my children have started piano lessons and are doing well, I have
even started learning.

Do you recommend buying a new one ? If so what should we buy a Digital piano
suits us so that my husband can play at night without disturbing the
sleeping children or neighbours.

Thank you

all the best

Kerry Robinson

Reply/ Hi Kerry

I am very sorry to hear your story…

Many parents are in a similar situation you… having
weighed up the pros and cons of buying a cheap piano
'just to get started' or spending more (sometimes
quite a bit more) for something better.

It's always a difficult decision at the time.

I advise going for something around the £600 – £1,000
price point.

Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, Classenti, Broadway and Casio all offer pianos in this range.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"I had a bid on a Diginova from Yorkshire pianos"

Hi Graham, I downloaded your book 7things, but before reading properly I had a bid on a Diginova from Yorkshire pianos, which to my surprise was the highest at £470.

I would have gone for a classenti, but also relieved at finally making a decision and now hoping I have made a reasonable choice!!

I have not tried to play a piano for 54 years, and back then much to my parents disgust, I was useless.

Now at the age of 67 I am going to try again, but this time no scales—-just chords so that this time next year I will be playing the blues!

Even though I did not make proper use of all that vital information contained in your book, I think it is excellent and hope that others read it before committing to purchase.

Any comments of yours will be welcome, and if you wish I will report back on my findings of the Diginova, which should arrive Friday/ monday.

Kindest regards,
Terry Brogan

Click here to get the report 'which digital piano to buy' by piano advisor, Graham Howard

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