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How much does a standard upright electric piano weigh?
Is it the same dimension as a regular upright piano?


A standard electric piano weighs about 50kg.

Electric pianos (more commonly known as
digital pianos) are smaller than upright

The depth and height are usually much less,
and the width is a little less.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

Hi Graham

I've been looking at the v useful advice on your website.  One thing I cannot find is the dimensions of a typical digital piano.  I'd be grateful if you could provide me this info as space is a premium for us.

Many thanks


Reply/ Hi Andy

The dimensions of an average size digital piano are:

Width 140cm
Depth 45cm
Height 80cm

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

I am looking for a digital piano with a maximum length of between 48 and 50 inches

Are there any on the market or are they all larger than this? Any help you can provide me with would be most appreciated.

Maria Hankins

Answer/ Hi Maria

88 note digital pianos are all around 51-57 inches long. Because piano keys are a standard width, the length of the piano's keyboard is always the same. Some digital pianos have thicker ends and wider key blocks, this explains the differences in length.

To get a digital piano with a maximum length of 50 inches, you will have to consider buying a 76 key piano. All the 76 key digital pianos I have seen have semi-weighted keys so they are nothing like playing a real piano or a weighted key digital piano.

The Kawai CL20 is very compact and has a length of 50.8 cm. This is the one I suggest to buy. You can check it out here:

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

Further comments/

Dear Graham
Thanks ever so much for your reply – that was really helpful. It's pretty much convinced me that rather than looking for a piano to fit the ideal (small) location in my house, I should not compromise on the piano but try and free up some more space somehow!!

Once again, many thanks.


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