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"Can you explain to me (in simple terms) the accompaniment installed in a digital piano?"


Question Dear Howard


Thank you for your past emails, piano information Tutors etc. which I found extremely helpful.


I use the internet from a library source so I’m not up to date.  I intend to purchase a Digital Piano and found your information and advice most helpful. Price is the governing factor of course, but I am narrowed done to Yamaha or Rowland.


Many years ago the expression used was "Mechanical Drummer".  Can you explain to me (in simple terms) the accompaniment installed in a digital piano – i.e. Rhythm section – Bass and Drums.  Whilst nothing can compare with acoustic Piano – Double Bass – Drums – live, I need some kind of Rhythm from the instrument i.e. Latin 3/4 4/4 6/8 etc., than just solo piano. The mechanical drummer I understand but how are double bass (bass guitar) notes sounded, and is this possible while playing Two Handed Block chords (Shearing) without the left hand keeping a single bass note accompaniment.


I am not au fait with the terminology used by manufacturers in their description lists.


What I require in importance from an instrument is:-  Piano sound – Rhythm accompaniment – Escapement – Decent power – speakers home use – taking precedence over Metronome – split keyboard – Midi etc.  Is this possible?


When buying from the internet does this come in flat package form?


If you can find time to give me some advice on this I would be very appreciative.  



Answer/ Hi Robert

I have to admit that being a classically trained pianist and having
played an upright piano for most of my life, I am not really into the
rhythm and function side of digital pianos.

From years of experience, I would say that the digital piano's sound
and touch are BY FAR the most important factors. Most of the Yamaha
and Roland digital pianos (Roland KR range and Yamaha CVP range)
have a great selection of rhythms and will do almost anything you want.

What I recommend is to go into your local piano shop and ask for a
demonstration. The sales people have to go on Yamaha or Roland
training courses, so they usually know what they are talking about.

In answer to your last question – when you buy a digital piano from
the internet (or indeed from a shop), it is delivered flat packed. You
can ask for it to be assembled usually for an extra charge.


If you want to buy online and would like the digital piano assembled,
you should try to find the nearest shop to you. All online stores have
to have a physical shop to be able to sell online – so you can save
money on the assembly service buying locally.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help on the Rhythm side of things, but hope
I have answered some of your other concerns.

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

"Digital piano toys"

Hi Graham

I want a piano that has a few toys? – stops my son getting bored.
What do you recommend?

Reply/ Hi Pearl

The best ones are the Yamaha CVP range.
But they’re getting on for £3,000.

Coming down a notch there is Casio.

A piano I recommend is the AP620. This has
‘loads of toys’ and plenty of things on it to
keep your son amused.

If you want to get something less costly then
we have a second Casio AP65 available. This
is priced at £695 (2 year warranty included).

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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