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How much to sell Roland HP-1?

Question/ Dear UK, Pianos,

I live in North London (Muswell Hill) and have a Digital Piano (HP-1 Roland
Digital Piano) which I would now like to sell.

It is six years old and it originally cost about £1500 but, although it is
still in good condition, I have no idea how much it would be worth

Can you advise me please as to how I can determine its best current market
value and how I can then go about selling it?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Many thanks, Mari Watanabe.

Answer/ Hi Mari

The Roland HP1 nowadays costs around £700 new. Yours is
six years old and providing it is in good condition should sell
for around £300 – £400.

You can list it on the 'Piano Market' completely
FREE of charge. Here is the link:

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

How much can I sell my Roland RD-1000?

Question/ Hello: I live in the USA and i am the owner of a digital piano roland rd-1000 I am looking to sale it, but I do not have an idea of the value…Do you have an idea for how much can I sale my piano? the piano still in a great conditions.


Thanks for your help.

Answer/ Hi Sergio

The Roland RD-1000 is a very old model and it would be hard to say how much it would sell for. All I can suggest is to have a look on eBay to see howmuch these pianos generally go for.

Did you know you can list it in the Piano Market FREE of charge? Check it out here:

Graham Howard
UK Pianos

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