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Free Online Piano Lessons

Hi, my name is Graham Howard and I'm the editor of

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Hi Graham!


thank you for teaching me your wonderful lessons. You know that recently i started learning but my unfortunate thing is i'm not practicing regularly. Like one day i'm sitting for hours and for some days not even a touch – give me a solution.

Hi Bobby

The best thing is to practice little and often. Don't try to do
too much in one go.

It is better to practice 15 minutes a day rather than 1 or 2 hours every now and again.

I suggest writing down a practice plan and sticking to it. Let me know how you get on.

Regards, Graham Howard.

       Learn piano for free
"Do you want to learn
to play piano for free?"

You can get my free piano lessons here.

I assume you've landed on this page because you want free online piano lessons. Many of the UK Pianos visitors are eager to learn piano but don't know where to start. My aim is to guide you in the right direction.

You may have considered private piano lessons, or you may have been told you should sign up for a course of piano lessons in your local music school. I can tell you that you don't need to do any of these initially.

My recommendation is to start off with a free online piano course just to get going (I'll show you which one to get a bit later) and then when you have learnt a few of the basics – in your own time – you will be ready to either tackle a complete online piano lesson course, hire a private teacher, or join a music school.

Most free online lessons that I've seen don't give you enough information, and the order in which they're laid out can be very confusing. I've read a lot of them and, unfortunately, can't actually recommend ANY of them to you.

Get the free piano lessons here.

What to do?

I was disappointed with this, so I decided to write my own online piano lessons to offer the UK Pianos visitors free of charge.

Free Piano Lessons

What Our Customers Have To Say…

"The progress my daughter has made in just five lessons is truly remarkable!"

Hi Graham

– I am replying on behalf of Madeleine who is 8 years old. The progress she has made in just five lessons is truly remarkable!
As a consequence we subscribed to the Rocket Piano course as an additional Christmas present for her. She will begin next week!

Amazingly my daughter delights in performing short pieces that she has made up!

Madeleine has asked me to say a big thank you to you for making learning to play the piano so enjoyable. She is saying that by next summer she wants to travel to London to play for you! Let us hope that she retains such enthusiasm.

Thank you  so much

Leslie Alderman

















"I definitely look forward to any future materials"

"My piano playing is progressing well. I liked your free piano lessons and covered most of the areas one would expect in a free course. I definitely look forward to any future materials you may have.

Thanks for everything"










"Your course took me back to basics. It was quite refreshing and very helpful"

Hello Graham. I am actually already enrolled on a very "serious" piano course with a piano tutor and I find it quite difficult. To be fair, I am only in the early stages. Your course took me back to basics and I found it quite refreshing and very helpful, as it has more of the "building blocks", so to speak.

Thank you! Gerald Webb, Doncaster, UK










"Your lessons stressed the"daily practice" which is the reminding I need to bring old techniques back"

I liked the course as a good review and reorganization.  In my youth I took lessons and achieved Grade 8 conservatory as a teenager.
Your lessons stressed the"daily practice" which is the reminding I need to bring old techniques back.
I'm anxiously waiting your next email for "memorizing" and 'improved sight reading"
Thanks for getting me going again!

Sincerely, Jane











its true ilike your training because since i started using you teaching technics i have i mproved my piano playing in the church God blees you and the work of your hand
from kenya in africa






"Any more tips like this would be much welcome"

"Thank you for this tip. I have been attending piano classes and I told my teacher that I want to learn chords and then do some sight reading but he want me to do more sight reading which i find boring and not very helpful in learning to play in my church band.
Any more tips like this would be much welcome."

Thanks, Alfred









"The methodology & your approach was really outstanding Useful"

Hi Graham Howard,
Thanks a bunch for the Piano Lessons…I am basically a guitarist (who had a life time ambition of learning the piano ).
I think the material was fantastic, The methodology & your approach was really outstanding Useful ….& must say it has got it's nobility(with a purpose of educating any body who has got genuine interest only!….) &  it's a thankless job.
With Cudos &  warm regards












Hi Graham,
"Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into helping people on the road to learning the piano."







Hi Graham,
I just wanted to thank you for your correspondence, which I read with interest.
My husband brought me my first digital piano for Christmas and I have been having lessons since January. My only regret is that I haven't learn the piano sooner. I really enjoy playing and am now working towards grade one, which I will hopefully be attempting in the spring. I will keep you updated.









"Every word you send is so precious"

"Graham, Thank you so much, every word you send is so precious, unfortunately I have been using a public piono and there is always so many people who want to learn.
Yesterday I visited a dealer in used pionos and cheapest was at an equivalent of 1600 dollars. which I could not afford. I have printed the notes you have sent tommorrow morning I want to be the first in the piono room and use an hour. I pray one day I get my own piono. Of recently I was at a party and the pionist entertained us with wonderful pieces that even now the my ear hear the string fading sweetly.
It sounds chords are easier to learn.
I thank God that I found you, and by the way. I just over saw some one on a computer next to me printing your note then I got the little word Uk on line piono lessons then I put it in the search engine and now I have you. It was by Divine providence.
Have a good time"













"Your mini course has set me away"

"Hi Graham I have always wanted to play piano and your mini course has set me away , and i thank you very much for that, my grandaughter has done all the work for me as i am slow on the computer keyboard

i did start with your 5 part and found it very good  i will keep in touch with you and let you know what i think or the course, and my progress."

Thanks again   FRED NEWMAN










"Since receiving your emails I have transitioned from a keyboard player to a piano player"

Hi Graham

Thank you for your free piano course. Since receiving your emails I have transitioned from a keyboard player to a piano player. I have also ensured that I practice every day and have seen immediate improvements. Whenever I don't feel like playing, I remember your advice that
practicing often rather than once a week is the best way to learn!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and thanks again for referring me to the Rocket Piano Course – it truly is a gem!!

Melissa, Australia













"I will put in some practice when I get some free time in between working and sorting out children"

Hi Graham,

Thanks you very much for the free lessons, I have printed them off and read them all, although I haven't really had the time to put all of it into practice.

I recently purchased a 61 key Casio CTK-720 keyboard (all that I could afford) and I also purchased a Classenti keyboard bag from the UK Piano's website, it arrived the day after I ordered, excellent service.

I will put in some practice when I get some free time in between working and sorting out children as I would love to be able to play the piano and be able to read music.

Many thanks for all of your help. I look forward to receiving the report that you mentioned.

Kind Regards

















"I am getting better at the piano each day"


"Hi Graham,

Thank you for your email. I found your piano classes excellent The "3 Thumbs "review. I am getting better at the piano each day. I guess practice makes perfect! I am wondering can you post me any free music notes or anything u'll find I might use.

Thank you for your help."

Kind Regards. Your Pupil.







"All six lessons contain advice I never had from any teacher"

Dear Graham

"Thank you for your free course, it puts everything in perspective especially the section on posture, as I have just had a spine op mainly through wear and tear and the advise I have had about sitting from physiotherapists and specialist books blend exactly with yours,
all six lessons contain advice I never had from any teacher."

 J. Rose








Hi Graham

Thank you so much for the free lessons that you have sent to me. They have been of great value.

Kind regards,








Hi Graham,
Just to let you know that your lessons have been a great help.
Looking forward to more info.
Thanks Clive Lester






"I really appreciate your willingness to assist me in learning to play the piano effectively"

Hi Graham:

"Your piano course is one of the best that I have ever had! The explanations are easy and straight forward. However, there is one confession to make. I have not been practicing everyday due to work constraints. Luckily, I am at home today, so I can try to catch up
on some of the lessons.

At this moment, I really cannot tell you any problems I am presently having, nor any other thing that I would like to learn, because of my inconsistency in practicing. However, I will send you an email as soon
as the need arises.

I really appreciate your willingness to assist me in learning to play the piano effectively, and I thank you ever so much for the additional lessons that you are considering to send. Thanks again!"













"I thought you made some very good points"

Hi Graham,

I enjoyed reading your free piano course. I doubt if I will ever be a
pianist ( wife and mother-in-law are both pianists ). I am a bit of a lost
cause. Though I like to play with musical programs like Sibelius , Fruity
loops etc.

I thought you made some very good points, but I have not in all honesty
followed your course through. I will try to go over it more thoroughly and send you some feedback.

I think you have a great idea. Keep it up.

If I have any initial comments, you could try to make the course more
visually stimulating with the use of graphics, perhaps in the form of html
format e-mails ( visual presentation plays a big part in my buisness and I
think it would help you ). Perhaps a more interactive web site might help.

My wife has a piano, and I have a midi keyboard which is linked to my
computer. Keyboard is largely unused. Wife and mother in law both hate
keyboards. Tried to convince wife to get Yamaha CVP-409
Very cool piece of kit to non musical muppet like myself, but mega

I look forward to reading your next e-mail but can't promise to subscribe to anything.

Kind regards,





















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