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Yamaha acoustic grand pianos         
Yamaha digital grand pianos

Yamaha offer the biggest range of grand pianos: Baby grand up to concert grand, Silent and Disklavier options, digital and AvantGrand. They're available in a whole variety of colours.
Always consistent and high quality. Click here to see the complete range.

Classenti Grand Pianos    Classenti Baby Grand Pianos        Classenti Grand Pianos     Classenti Baby Grand Digital Piano
Classenti acoustic grand pianos
Classenti digital grand piano

Great sounding pianos with a responsive touch suitable for any level of playing. Well built, solid construction. The Classenti's hammers and strings are made in Germany. This produces a warm, European sound. Classenti also make one of the smallest digital grand pianos. Good value for money. Click here for the range. AG3 is on special offer here

Broadway Grand Pianos    Broadway Baby Grand Pianos       Broadway Grand Pianos     Broadway BG1 Baby Grand Digital Piano    Broadway Player Disklavier Digital Grand Piano with moving keys
Broadway acoustic grand pianos
Broadway digital grand pianos

Broadway offer a selection of baby grand acoustic and digital pianos. The MK11 model has a self-playing feature, so it can be played, or set to play all by itself (keys move up and down on their own). You can even control it remotely. It has over 1000 built-in songs: classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, gospel, ragtime and more…

Kurzweil Grand Pianos   Kurzweil MPG200 Digital Grand Piano
Kurzweil digital grand piano

There is only one piano in their range: The MPG200 digital baby grand. This model looks stunning and has one of the most realistic piano sounds from all digital pianos.

roland logo                   Roland RG-1F Digital Grand Piano    Roland RG-3F Digital Grand Piano
Roland digital grand pianos

Roland make only digital pianos. If you want something compact with a great sound and authentic key touch then these pianos are worth considering.

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Graham Howard editor
"Grand pianos take up more space than uprights, but if you're serious about learning piano and you have the room for it, there's nothing more enjoyable than playing a real acoustic grand. A grand piano will give you the best sound, touch and musical enjoyment", Graham Howard, piano advisor.


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Classenti Baby Grand Piano AG1

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Sound Quality

The sound of a grand piano is usually better than its vertical partner due to it's longer strings and larger soundboard. The bass in particular produces a full, resonant sustaining sound. The general rule is; the longer the length of the grand piano, the better and richer the sound will be. Please note that baby grand pianos have the same string length as tall uprights so their sound quality is often similar.

Size (Dimensions)

Size is important when it comes to grand pianos. When we talk about size we usually mean length (front to back). A minimum size you should consider is 4'9" or 145cm. Grand pianos that are shorter than this tend to have a poor sound quality.

Baby grand pianos

The term "baby grand piano" usually refers to instruments with a length of 5'3" or less.

More Grand Pianos

Digital Grand Pianos


Baby Grand Digital Pianos

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Questions and Comments

Hello Graham,
My name is Ronwin, I live in South Africa. Recently I acquired an Otto Bach baby grand piano and I would like to know the approximate age/quality of it if possible. I found a number on the frame stamped as "Patent 429809". Any help in finding information on this piano would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.
Ronwin (pianist for 30 years)

Reply/ Hi Ronwin

The Otto Bach pianos were made by the Dietmann piano in
Wellington, Republic of South Africa,

The parts were made in Germany, shipped to South Africa
and assembled there.

Your piano was made in 1977.

I personally fell in love with a Dietmann upright piano that
I played around 7 years ago. I have not had the pleasure
of trying the baby grand out, but can imagine it to have
a very nice sound and a joy to play.

Yours pianistically,
Graham Howard
UK Pianos

Other Grand Pianos

Bohemia Upright Pianos
Bohemia grand pianos
Fine quality pianos. European sound. Owned by Bechstein. Click here to see the range.

Kawai grand pianos