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Hadley HH-66 Professional Digital Piano Headphones (Ideal for use with digital pianos and keyboards)














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Hadley HH-66 are our best selling professional headphones.
Ideal for use with all digital pianos, stage pianos and electronic keyboards.

  • Soft, velvety, comfortable ear muffs (suitable for playing long hours)
  • Designed to reduce outside noise to a minimum
  • Improves the tone of your digital piano
  • Sound absorption is high, so your playing won't be heard by others
  • Comes with 2 different size jacks, so they fit all keyboards and digital pianos
  • Soft headband for extra comfort (rests nicely on your head)
  • FREE velvet headphone bag included
  • Comes in an attractive box, makes a nice present (well-packed, secure and safe for transit)

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Please I want to know what's the best close back studio headphones (with good noise isolation) I can use with my digital piano. Thanks.

Hello Nada,

I recommend the Hadley HH-66 Professional Headphones. They are specifically designed for recreating the ultimate digital piano sound and experience. The soft velvet inside ensures a comforting fit and outside noise with a closed back design is reduced to a minimum.

Kind Regards,
John, UK Pianos

I wonder whether the HH-66 headphones are open or closed.

The Hadley HH-66 headphones are our best closed headphones and would remain my top pick. Open headphones will allow the sound to bleed out and I would not recommend that route.

Kind Regards,
John, UK Pianos

Question/ Which headphones do you recommend?

Hello Wladmir,

I would recommend a pair of Hadley Headphones which are manufactured specifically with digital pianos in mind. The Hadley HH-66 Professional Headphones would be my product of choice, a very comfortable fit with the velvet ear cups and a stunningly accurate sound. Any Hadley Headphone option in the range will still be the best route to take in obtaining headphones for the best digital piano sound.

Kind Regards
John, UK Pianos

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