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Hejran's Piano Method Book 1 For Beginners
written by Hejran (for children and adults)

Hejran Stogden, author of Hejran's Piano Method




"My piano method will get you playing piano in a very short time… You'll whizz through the basics, start using both hands on day 5, and on completion of book 1 you get a certificate of achievement to be proud of — and well on your way to grade 1", Hejran (P.S. You can contact me by email if you need help anytime:

Hejran's Piano Method Book 1 



                   Flash cards
 Free learning flash cards included! (Worth £3.99)


If you've always wanted to play piano or you want your children to learn, then this book is ideal… its simple layout allows you to learn without a teacher.

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Graham Howard editor

"It's the easiest piano method for beginners to follow… the layout is really simple; tips and tasks refreshingly new and useful; and the pieces fun to play. Hejran has given us
an excellent piano method that all beginners can benefit from. If you're new to the piano then this is where you should start", Graham Howard, Piano Advisor,


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 Hejran's Piano Method Book 1 Contents  Hejran's Piano Method Book 1 Back Cover  Hejran's Piano Method Book 1 Inside Back CoverFlash cards
    Inside Front Cover            Contents                  Back Cover             Inside Back Cover     Learning Flash Cards

You get the following:

 Hejran's Piano Method Book 1 Contents 47 pages of lessons, tips, tasks, and tests (in English)

 Flash Learning Cards  31 x learning flash cards in a pack (£3.99 value!) — a fast, fun way of learning and remembering music

 free musical giftA free musical gift from Hejran (awarded on test completion)

 Certificate of achievement Certificate of achievement

 Further resources from Hejran

Book Contents:

~ About the author Hejran and the method (who it's for, why it's unique) [inside front cover]
~ Contents [page 1]

~ About the piano (history, piano types, facts) [page 2]
~ Sitting at the piano [page 3]
~ Hand position [page 4]
~ Finger numbers [page 5]
~ The piano keyboard [page 6]
~ Middle C [page 8]
~ The musical alphabet [page 9]
~ Playing time – left and right hand exercises [page 10]
~ Timing and rhythm: note values, stems, bars,  [page 13]
~ Reading music: staves, treble and bass clefs, time signatures, lines, spaces, brace, dotted notes, repeat sign, [page 18]
~ The grand stave [page 26]
~ Changing hands (and playing both hands together) [page 31]
~ Skipping [page 32]
~ Stepping, skipping [page 34]
~ Stepping, skipping, repeating [page 35]
~ Dynamics [page 37]
~ Happy 'C' ladder [page 42]
~ Test [page 44]
~ Get your free gift [page 45]

~ Certificate of achievement [page 47]
~ Details of further books in this series [back cover]

"Very good, easy to follow"

Hejran's piano method is very good and very easy to follow. I will in the near future wish to purchase further books from yourselves.

Eileen Collier, Stapleford, Nottingham, UK











"Flash cards were so helpful"

My youngest daughter has dyslexia, she found the flash cards were so helpful. Thank you so much!

Kim from Basingstoke








We sent for the Hejran book from your site and we're finding that very good for the basics. Onward and upwards! I'm sure Beethoven must have said that at some stage in his early career!

Sandra Burton.

 Hejran's Piano Method is suitable for:

Beginners (never played before, or never had a piano lesson)

Children age 6 upwards


Start playing piano now!

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Price £9.97

 Or order by phone  Call 020 8367 2080
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