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How To Choose The Right Online Piano Lessons For You

Editor’s comments/ This article runs through all the different ways of learning the piano. If you are serious about learning to play, this
article is a ‘must read’.

Back before the internet dominated the way in which we find products and services we relied on more conventional means such
as; the yellow pages, print advertising and word of mouth. While these are still effective ways to find information, the internet is certainly
as effective and in many ways far more efficient.


The major
difference between them is; the internet can display hundreds of thousands of search results for a single search. And, although a search
engine like Google can give you many relevant results, it makes it hard sometimes to filter through it all and find what you’re looking for.
The choices are often overwhelming.


example, a Google search for piano lessons reveals a million and a half results. How would you even begin to sift through it all and find
yourself a piano course that’s right for you? Try it yourself. Do a search and visit some of these websites, you’ll find thousands of online
piano lessons and thousands of different piano methods.


Most of
these sites do very well at pitching you why they’re the best method for you. Most focus on the beginning piano player. Why? Because, it’s an
audience that know the least and it’s easy to appeal to their emotions. Bold selling statements like, “learn to play by ear” and “impress your
friends by playing all your favorite music after only 1 hour” and “the secret piano method that makes the pros


I admire
these people for their ability to pitch. In fact the internet has made it possible for anyone with an idea and a few copy writing courses to
sell just about anything. And, it works. But, what is the aftermath of learning one of these so-called shortcut piano methods. Do they really
teach you how to play in and hour? Can you really learn to play by ear overnight? Well, not really.


Certainly, it’s possible to learn how to play by ear and to learn how to play all your favorite songs but for most beginning piano players
these are just completely outrageous claims.


should you look for instead, in order to avoid getting sucked into these “learn to play fast” schemes? First of all, if you’re even
considering learning how to play from an online course I would recommend that you do a little research on who is actually giving the course.
Are they professional musicians or just someone with a little knowledge? Do they have backgrounds in music? Do they have recordings that you
can listen to? Or, are they offering only shortcuts to amazing playing?


you’ve done your research on the teacher then look for anyone else who has taken their courses. What are they saying? Do they give any
testimonials as to the effectiveness of the courses? Do other students give any proof of their new piano playing


What I’m
trying to point out is; if you dig deep enough you’ll avoid spending your hard earned money on bogus schemes that simply do not work. Learning
to play the piano is a lengthy process and should not be taken lightly. It can be fun, but it still takes practice. Anyone who thinks
otherwise simply does not understand or does not have enough experience to know any better.


So, let’s
say you do find yourself a true professional; someone with a lot of experience, a great track record and plenty of proof to backup it up.
What’s the number one reason why you should learn online from this person rather than find a local teacher?


starters, your online teacher will likely have way more experience and credibility that your local teacher. But, the main reason to learn
online is price. A local teacher of any credible stature will be charging at least $75 an hour. An hour online video lesson will run you an
average of about $25.


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There are
other benefits such as; you can learn at your own pace, there are no travel expenses, it’s anonymous, it’s stress free and your lesson is
always available for review at any time. But, for most people it’s a question of economics. It’s way cheaper to study online than in


So, the
next time you do a search for “piano lessons” on Google, please use the above information above to help you choose the right piano lesson for


The best value for money online course I have seen so far is the Rocket Piano by Ashley Southam. Read more about


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About the Author

If you
are looking for highly motivating and entertaining online piano lessons, Paul Tobey is a certified piano lesson trainer and multi-award
winning concert pianist whose piano music is known throughout the world.

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