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Kawai CA93

 Kawai CA93 




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 Colour: Rosewood.

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Available Colours

Kawai CA93 Rosewood  Rosewood

Kawai CA93 Black Satin  Black Satin

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Kawai CA93 R Digital Piano, RM3 Grand mechanic, hammer action with Escapemet, 88 wooden keys with "Ivory Touch " key tops, solid wood sound-board, 80 sounds, dual mode, split mode with 4 hand mode, LCD display, 2-track recorder, 192 voices polyphone, MP3/WAV recorder and player, 8 registrations, 326 internal songs, 100 rhythms, hall, chorus, delay, string resonance, key-off samples, foldaway key cover, 3 pedals, 2 headphones jacks, Stereo Line In/Out, MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB to Host, USB to Device, 2 x 50 watt speakers + 35 watt transducers, dimensions: 1464 x 474 x 917, weight : 87 kg, colour: Premium Rosewood

Kawai CA93 specifications:

88 wooden keys with RM3 Grand Action with Ivory Touch

Solid spruce soundboard 

Ultra Progressive Harmonic Imaging

80 Voices

192 Note Polyphony

16 x 2 LCD display

10 song/2 track recorder

USB Functions include MP3 playback and record

Metronome including 100 rhythm types

36 Demo Songs

Virtual Technician including voicing, damper resonance, string resonance, Key-off effect, touch curve, temperament, and stretch tuning

2 x 50W Speakers + 35W Transducer

Kawai's new RM3 wooden action with Ivory Touch is even more realistic than before. The keys feel more like a real piano and the weighting is much smoother, allowing faster repetition and more authentic play.   

The connectivity of the CA93 is fantastic, it even comes with a mini stereo cable to link up your ipod or mp3 player.  You can load MP3 & Wav files directly from a USB key and send midi files to your computer through the USB to Host slot.


Real wooden keys, a really expressive touch and the spruce soundboard make the Kawai CA93 the best piano I tested, including the yamaha avantgrand! To me, the Yamaha felt just a little too crisp, a little too stiff; this is a

very individual experience, though, so you should try yourself.

The soundboard has one huge advantage; as you play, you feel the note vibrate through your fingers and foot,

which makes this the most acoustic-like of all the digitals I tried. It's Kawai's flagship, and it shows.

Review by Dan Broad, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK (28/04/2012)

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Questions and Comments

Hi Graham,

First of all, awesome guide – absolutely love it! Great work with huge attention to details. Thumbs up 🙂

I've been thinking of getting a digital piano for myself for a while now, and I narrowed down the selection to those two:

– Kawai CA-93

 I like the electric piano sounds and drawbar organ (the rotating speaker effect is great!)

– Roland HP-507

 I like the grand piano sound, I find it much more compelling for whatever reason. The electric pianos are so, so. I tried the drawbar organ effect, but didn't notice the rotating speaker effect – perhaps there are some tuning options that I missed.

I'll be playing mostly jazz and blues music and improvising a lot – helps me clear my mind and let the steam off 🙂

Which one would you choose? Regardless of choice, what would be the deal breaker for you?

Perhaps you can recommend something else, better, at a similar price range?



Reply/ Hi Blazej

Well, the Roland HP507 has a richer, more

vibrant tone than the Kawai CA93. It has

been sampled on a Steinway concert grand

as opposed to a Kawai concert grand. The

Roland tone is so much warmer.

I also prefer the key touch of the Roland.

The Kawai feels too spongy at the bottom

of the key stroke. I prefer something that

feels more solid. The firmer feel of the

Roland allows me to put more expression

into the music.

The Yamaha CLP470 is also good. But the

Roland has the best tone.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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