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Kawai CL26

 Kawai CL26 

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Kawai CL26 Reviews

I only got it on Friday so I don't know it too well, But I like what I have seen so far. It is very compact, which was one of my reasons for choosing it as I don't have much room for one. It has a nice sound. I really like the weighted keys as they make it feel like a "real" piano.
It is quite simple, but that is what I wanted. I would have bought a traditional piano if it had been practical, so the simplicity is fine for me. So far I am loving it. My son is also loving it (at the expense of his flute, which he is supposed to be practicing!)

Review by Naomi Rose (24/04/2012)

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"Kawai CL26 or Yamaha P105?"

Hi Sir,

I am really confused between the above mentioned digital piano models. Could you please assist me in deciding which one to go for. Good piano sound, touch and feel is all I am looking for.

Though I haven't been able to get a hand onto P-105, I have tried P35 and P95. I feel Kawai CL26 sounds better than both of them.


Reply/ Hi Abhijit

The Kawai CL26 and Yamaha P105 have an
equally good piano tone.

If you want the key touch to feel like a real
piano then the P105 is the better choice…

The Yamaha key touch is a lot nicer than the
Kawai… it better replicates the weight of
touch on the key’s down stroke and feels
more natural when the key returns.

What’s more, the P105 has a firmer, more
solid feel to it… you can control the keys a
lot better, and you put more expression into
your music. The CL26 has a soft, mushy feel
when the keys are pressed down to the bottom.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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