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Kawai CN23 – Dark Rosewood

 Kawai CN23 Dark Rosewood


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 Discontinued September 2012, replaced by Kawai CN24

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Kawai CN23 Digital Piano – 88x Responsive hammer keys with ivory touch feel, with 15x sounds, 96-note polyphony, reverb and chorus effects, dual function, metronome, transpose function, 15x demo songs, 1-track sequencer (one song), key cover, 3x pedals, 2x headphone jacks, MIDI in/out, 2x 20W speaker system. Dimensions: 1370 x 407 x 843mm. Weight: 42kg.

Other finishes:

Kawai CN23 SB

Kawai CN23 SB (Satin black)

Kawai CN23 C

Kawai CN23 M (Cherry)

Kawai CN23 M Small

Kawai CN23 M (Mahogany)


"The sound is great, and the keys are responsive"

I bought a Kawai CN23. Compared to my old keyboard it was a true revelation! The sound is

great (although digital), the keys are responsive almost as on the acoustic piano, my

playing is much more expressive – I can even play piano staccato notes. And of course

there's the pedal (three actually) which adds even more richness to my playing.

And it looks good, too 🙂

I've had it for over a month now and I belive my playing has improved considerably.

Review by Brigita Zivec, Slovenia (03/06/2011)

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