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Kawai CN24 – Satin Black

 Kawai CN24



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1) "Olivia loves her new piano"

Hi Graham,since my last email to you I have bought a digital piano for my grandaughter Olivia.
She is absolutely overjoyed as she can now practice regularily and already even after only a
few days the progress is quite noticeable.

I spent a lot of time going through "The Digital Piano Bible" and it was a great help when it
came to making the purchase.In the end we went for a Kawai CN24 which we bought from THE PIANO MAN
in Leeds.Mark Crossland the proprioter spent a lot of time demonstrating several pianos in our
price range and the Kawai ticked all the boxes.Olivia loves her new piano and looks forward
to practicing every day.Many thanks once again for your help and interest. Best Wishes ,Keith.

Review by Keith Lawson (12/09/2013)

2) "Your service was excellent and the delivery was punctual"

I chose a Kawai CN24 after trying out a few pianos at a local shop. My local shop were very helpful but did not get my custom when I found out that your price at UK Pianos was considerably lower.
Your service was excellent and the delivery was punctual and I am very happy with the piano and the stool. My only problem was with putting the piano together. It was much heavier than I expected
(having never before handled an electric piano) and it was difficult even to move it sufficiently to see how to put it together. The Kawai Owners Manual was unhelpful.

A lady at UK Pianos whom I phoned was friendly and helpful, but I could not have managed without the help of my brother (younger and stronger than I) who came to visit me.  All is well now and I am
enjoying playing the instrument. Maybe my local shop would have assembled it for me but it would have cost me £250 more.
Review by Paul Grimble, Norwich (16/10/2013)

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Comments and Questions

Hello Graham,

Based on your recommendations, internet and forum searches, and budget I choose a Kawai CN-24. It’s for my 7 year daughter who started taking piano lessons this spring.
I’m from Romania and the only place that has the CN-24 is the official Kawai dealership. But it was significantly more expensive than the Thomann Cyberstore. The delivery from Thomann will be this week.

Best regards, Lucian Veliman

"I'm stuck between the CLP430 and the CN-24"

Dear Graham,

My daughter has been going to piano lessons for about 2 years now. we looked at yamaha and kawai today. I'm stuck between the CLP430 and the CN-24. do you have a preference or should i just go by my daughters gut feeling. i don't think she has the judging powers yet and in the showroom environment lot of things can make the playing experience different. i would appreciate any help from you on this matter

warm regards

Reply/ Hi Deepak

The Kawai CN24 is not comparable with the
Yamaha CLP430. Its equivalent in the Yamaha
range is the YDP162.

If you want to get your daughter a digital piano
that’s good for learning on, and suitable for when
she reaches a higher level, then the Yamaha CLP430
is the one I recommend for you.

The CLP430 has firmer, more resistant keys.
So it feels closer to playing a real piano.
It also has a richer, more resonant tone.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

"Why is the Yamaha YDP better than Kawai CN24 in your eyes?"

Dear Graham

I read your buying guide and it is excellent. Thanks for providing it for free.

I see that you rate Kawai CN24 below Yamaha YDP 162 and Kawai KSP 80 is not on your list of best pianos.

We compared all 3 models and we found the CN24 superior to the Yamaha and even KCP 80 felt better.

Can you give me some tips why the YDP is better in your eyes?

Thanks again


Reply/ Hi Yahalom

I find the YDP162 has a firmer, more realistic key touch
than the CN24. It feels much more solid under the fingers.
The Kawai is just too spongy and soft for my liking.

I also prefer the clean, natural tone of the Yamaha.
Although the Kawai sound is also good, it isn’t as even
and smooth as the Yamaha. The Kawai also sounds a
bit too bright and metallic in the mid to high treble.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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