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Kawai CN43


 Kawai CN43


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Discontinued February 2013.

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Exceptional Touch, Tone, Quality & Value

KAWAI is proud to present the Kawai CN43 – an affordable range of high specification digital pianos suitable for school classrooms, church halls, and family homes. These impressive instruments offer an enhanced AHA IV-F weighted keyboard action, and introduce KAWAI’s latest Progressive Harmonic Imaging™ sound technology, featuring the new 88- key piano sampling process.


The Advanced Hammer Action IV-F keyboard has been developed to represent the distinctive touch of a traditional grand piano, with its remarkable springless design providing consistent upward and downward motion for a smooth, more natural, piano playing experience.

Moreover, just as acoustic pianos utilise heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers, the AHA IV-F keyboard also employs different hammer weights, appropriately graded for each playing range. Such attention to detail allows greater stability during fortissimo passages, while preserving delicate pianissimo control, to satisfy the demands of even the most discerning pianist.


The new CN43 captures the beautiful sound of KAWAI’s highly acclaimed, hand-built concert grand piano, with all 88 keys of this exceptional instrument meticulously recorded, analysed, and faithfully reproduced using the very latest Progressive Harmonic Imaging™ technology.

This unique process accurately recreates the broad dynamic range of the original piano, offering even greater tonal detail than the existing Harmonic Imaging™ standard, while also providing the source for a selection of additional high-quality instrument sounds. Finally, reverb and damper effects are applied, delivering rich tones with breathtaking realism and authenticity.


The superior polyphony specifications of the CN43 maintain KAWAI’s position as a market leader, allowing complex passages that require the damper pedal, to be enjoyed without unexpected instances of note ‘drop off’.

An intuitive recording function is also featured as standard across the CN Series range, with the USB to Device facility of the flagship CN42 allowing performances to be conveniently saved to USB flash memory devices. With over 300 exceptional instrument sounds and a total of 9 authentic drum kits (GM2 compatibility), it is even possible to create and playback Standard MIDI Files (SMF) using the powerful 16 track sequencer.


The convenient lesson feature allows aspiring pianists to learn the piano using a built-in collection of songs from the popular Alfred Basic, Adult and Premier course books. The left and right hand parts of each piece can be practiced separately, adjusting the tempo to perfect difficult passages, before being recorded and played back for self-evaluation. In addition to these impressive internal features, considerable attention has also been paid to the external appearance of the CN Series, with traditionally styled cabinet accents, rounded leg and toe-block treatments, and beautiful Premium finishes combining to lend distinctive character to each exceptional instrument.


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Kawai CN43 Reviews

"The sound of the Grand Piano is very rich and strong"

Hi Graham,

I am extremely pleased with my new Kawai CN43 and especially with the Grand Piano sound it produces.

I gave considerable thought to the piano which I was looking for and tried a few in my most local shop although they were greatly overpriced in that particular shop. In the end I purchased from Thomann as shown on your website.

The definitive factors which prompted me to purchase this particular instrument are:

1. The touch of the instrument which was extremely close to the Yamaha Grand Piano at a local facility which I use. Also being quite a firm touch which I needed.

2. The sound of the Grand Piano is very rich and strong sounding whilst allowing the genuine sounding twang of a piano.

3. The fact that the 8 different pianos which are on offer all give different sounding options (one reminds me of an old upright I used to own).

4. My last piano is the old PN90 from Kawai and I enjoyed using that instrument for every minute I used it. Although it was time to get something which I could continue to develop my piano skills on.

I would like to take this time to thank you for your advice and knowledge.

Review by Robert Frost (22/06/2012)

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Questions and Comments (Email your questions to

Hi Graham

Thanks for your Email and thank-you for sending me an extremely helpful book!

I would like to buy a Digital piano and I am considering buying a Kawai CN43 SB set for £1369 from cyberstore Thomann.

Why am I considering this piano? Well, I would like a good quality piano which I can play classical piano music on but I'm also looking for an instrument that allows me to explore pop and Jazz. Despite your warnings about "Bells and whistles", I am keen to buy a decent piano which does give me some limited rhythm/beats to help me when I'm playing this kind of music. However I recognise that you have to pay a lot more to get this extra functionlity.

My questions are the following

1. Would you say I should be considering any alternative pianos (other brands?) which are perhaps a bit cheaper but include the rhythm functionlity?

2. If I buy from cyberstore Thomann and something were to go wrong, does it matter that I've bought from a company based in Germany?

3. Are there any other things you think I should be considering?

Thanks very much for any help you can give.


Reply/ Hi Daniel

I actually quite like the Kawai CN43. It has

a good sound and responsive key touch.

And you get the extra voices and rhythms

which make playing jazz and pop more


If you buy from Thomann in Germany you

are still covered by their warranty. So if

anything were to go wrong with the piano

they would either send a technician from the

UK to fix it or collect and replace your piano.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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