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I am planning coming into the store very soon so I will have a clearer idea with you helping me understand a few things first.
I have noticed on the Kawai CS10 that it has UBS to Host and UBS to device where the Kawai any time only has UBS to device could you give me an idea what the benefits is having both or what I would not be able to do on the anytime having only the UBS to device
also the CS10 has a 3 sensors where the anytime doesn't seem to have
Kind Regards John

Reply/ Hi John,
My understanding of it is as follows, but I would encourage you to check with KAWAI directly.
USB to host enables you to upload data from your piano, such as MIDI notes when connected to a computer. The piano is already powered to do this, acting as the host.
I believe but am not certain, that the ‘USB to device’ means that the separate external device that you are connecting too, such as a Laptop, must have sufficient USB power to recognise the piano. i.e the Kawai anytime might not have sufficient USB power to connect across different devices as it is not powered to act as the host.
This is my estimation of it.
Kind regards,

Further/ Hi Jack
Do you know how Yamaha and Kawai use the keys and which technology to get good grand piano sounds
I like the kawai acoustic but I like the Yamaha Silent piano through headphones

Reply/ Hi John.
I have seen one of Kawai pianos which enable headphones, and in fact I was fortunate enough to take the keyboard apart and see the system they use, to my surprise they have a plastic contact underneath the key acting as a sensor for the piano sample. You may prefer the sound of the Yamaha Silent Piano through headphones but having played both I can categorically say that the Yamaha’s key touch remains completely uncompromised. Yamaha use a Graded Scale Sensor system whereby there is a tiny cut away in each key and the sensor inside reads information from a laser which transmits the velocity and dynamic of the note played – IMPORTANTLY there is nothing underneath the keyboard of the Yamaha, and therefore nothing to disturb the key touch of this first and foremost wonderful Acoustic instrument. I have a Yamaha B2 silent in stock currently which I really enjoy playing.
I hope this helps answer your question.
Kind regards,

Further/ Hi Geoff

I am a lot more interested in the Yamaha, and it is clear you like the Yamaha over the Kawai silent,  the Yamaha B range has the GS2 where the new is SH so I may well save for the newer one
I know the Kemble piano has the new one fitted, ? do you ever sell the Kemble piano range, also have you heard the new SH and if so do you think there is much difference from the original GS2

Reply/ Hi John,

The SG2 samples every other key and pitch stretches the alternate ones. The SH however, samples each individual key and uses Yamaha’s latest innovative binaural sampling method i.e 3D sound. The SH piano sample is as accurate as it comes, with a feeling beyond left and right stereo, an almost full circle of natural piano sound, I had to double check whether I was hearing the piano itself or the sample, the SH is frighteningly good! We can obtain the Kemble pianos, I do prefer the Yamahas as a purely acoustic instrument.

Kind regards,


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