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Kawai CS7

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Colour: Polished ebony


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"Yamaha CLPS406 or Kawai CS7?"

Dear Graham
I've found your piano guide most useful and the reviews which you collate.
I am considering a Yamaha CLPS406 or Kawai CS7.
I'd welcome your advice.
Joe Abbott

Reply/ Hi Joe

The Yamaha CLP-S406 is the better of the two pianos.
But only just.

The CLP-S406 has a slightly more responsive key action.
This is important when playing technically challenging
pieces. I also prefer its firmer key touch. The Yamaha
has a more solid feel at the bottom of the key stroke.
The Kawai feels softer.

Sound wise they are both very good.
If anything the CLP-S406 has a bit more depth to it.
This is because of the large acoustic box and cabinet.

Overall the CLP-S406 scores 73.60 out of 100 on the
Howard Score. The CS7 scores 69.45.

Yours pianistically,

Graham Howard

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